Callaloo Restaurant

Callaloo Restaurant has Closed its Doors. A great loss. I’ll update if and when they reopen.

Go to Callaloo Restaurant was the reply from the gentleman sitting next to us on the Osprey Ferry when I asked about good Carriacou restaurants.

callaloo restaurant carriacou

When I walked into the Carriacou Tourist Information Center I asked the same question, and I got the same answer … Callaloo Restaurant.

And finally when I askedour friendly Carriacou Tour Guide Norbert about Callaloo Restaurant he too agreed that it’s a great choice.

So Norbet dropped us off in front of Callaloo Restaurant, and when we walked in we were greeted by an inviting ambiance.

inside callaloo restaurant carriacou

Before we asked to be seated, I decide to see if they would pass my sanitation test.

A good rule of thumb for any restaurant is this:

If the restroom is clean and pleasing to you, then most likely you can expect similar standards in the kitchen.

The Mens Restroom at Callaloo Restaurant exceeded my expectations.

The Beach View

They weren’t kidding when the named the restaurant Callaloo by The Sea it sits right on a beautiful strip of Carriacou white sand beach. We of course sat on the patio to take advantage of the amazing view, listen to the waves, and just relax in this Carriacou restaurant.

beach view from callaloo restaurant carriacou
Look at the view of this Carriacou Beach from Callaloo Restaurant

Lunch Menu

The lunch menu was quite affordable even including the (10% service charge and a standard 8% government charge), and it looked great. Here are a couple things on the menu

  • Callaloo Soup (but of course)
  • Fish Fingers
  • Spiced Wing Ding: chicken wings in homemade hot spicy fruity ding sauce
  • Fish (Chicken or Lambie (Conch) ) Grenadine Lunch
  • Fish (Chicken or Lambie (Conch) ) and Chips with salad
  • And more …

Yum Yum It’s Food Time…

We skipped breakfast that morning rushing to catch the Osprey Ferry, so we were hungry and made our selections quickly.

callaloo restaurnat carriacou

I had the Lambie Grenadine Lunch (with potatoes)

callaloo restaurant carriacou

Mia had the Fish Grenadine lunch with rice

callaloo restaurant carriacou

and Ryian deciding this time to stick to her American heritage-she had the Chicken and Chips (French Fries).

The food arrived in typical Grenadian style. As you can see the salads were included on the plate right along with the rest of the food. That is very typical in Grenada and no surprise at this Carriacou Restaurant. So if you don’t like that be sure to ask your server to separate them.

Also if you do not specifically ask for the salad dressing that you want, don’t be surprise if you receive your salad with a dressing already on it. This did not happen at Callaloo Restaurant, but it’s a heads up just in case you are picky about those things.

Our food was delicious…

callaloo restaurant carriacou having lunch
As you can see Mia polished off her Grenadine Fish

But Ryian was a little disappointed. We all were surprised when her chicken and chips (fries) showed up with stewed brown chicken instead of fried chicken. She enjoyed it, but really would have preferred fried chicken.
ryian having desert at callaloo restaurant carriacou

Maybe they were out of Fried chicken, and substituted it with Stewed Chicken (without asking?)… or maybe that’s the Carriacou restaurant version of Chicken and Chips … who knows?

So if you are planning to order chicken and Chips it would be a good idea to first find out how the chicken is prepared.

And if you do try it please let us know if it was any different, and if you liked it.

Two Thumbs Up??

We certainly think so. Callaloo restaurant was a good choice, and a nice experience. If it wasn’t for Paradise Beach, we might have just wind down our Carriacou Day Trip right here with a couple drinks. Plan to visit this Carriacou Restaurant when you are there, you won’t regret it.

Do Know of a Better Carriacou Restaurant??

As much as I liked Callaloo Restaurant I am a sucker for trying out new places. So if you think you know a better or equally good Carriacou Restaurant I want to know about it. You can share your favorite Carriacou Restaurant Story right here… tell us what you liked and share your mouth watering pictures for all to see.

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  2. Greetings to all the good people, on the beautiful ‘Island in the Sun’…

    Yes indeed my friend, I certainly could use a dose of some Pepper Pot Soup! All I have is my rather complex Creole Collard Greens version here in Southern California.
    I should say that I would love to time my return just right, so as to be present during The Carriacou Shakespeare Mas. Shakespeare is truly universal & timeless isn’t it?
    I would suggest all future visitors invest in seeing whether it would be an event they might be intrigued by enough to attend. I look forward to returning to Grenada & Carriacou for another pleasant experience.
    And a few gallons of soup of course!


  3. Mark,
    you need to return to Carriacou ASAP or you will be haunted by the huge bowl of Callaloo soup forever… lol. Thanks for sharing your time at the restaurant… i hope you make it back soon.

  4. Here I am in Southern California, followed a link and found myself back here at your wonderful website. I can see the beautiful view from the back toward the beach and its pleasant environment. Next in my mind’s eye the delightful soup arrives, but in my fantasy it a bowl large enough to sail away in, certainly given the chance my belly would burst its seams. I’ve had Callaloo-Pepper Pot Soup all over the Caribbean. Yet to be honest none compares with that savoury version I had whilst visiting this lovely island. I neglected all other items I had planned to sample in favor of it. Surely some day I’ll return, only this time provide for more days to explore both the island’s charms and the other menu choices. If by chance you happen upon a gentleman and he appears mad with consuming a bit too much of this nectar, have me locked-up for my own good!


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