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Just when you thought your Grenada Vacation could not get any better, enter Carriacou and Petit Martinique… Grenada’s sister islands in the famous Grenadines, only a short ferry ride away.

That means YOU get to kill three birds with one stone, or rather enjoy three islands for the price of one.

Carriacou appeals to a different kind of tourist… the kind that expects an island to be an island. No extra frills or thrills, just all natural, laid back, and people that are easy to talk to.

The thing with this little gem is that more and more visitors continue to discover it; some return year after year, but it almost seems like many choose to keep this their little secret.

On one of our vacations in Grenada we planned a day trip to Carriacou. On this page you will find links to our little adventure… and hopefully it would persuade you to make Carriacou a part of your vacation.

Getting to Carriacou… Ferry, Fly, or Sail

Getting to Carriacou is quite easy. Here are three options, which one you choose depends on your preferences, the length of your vacation, or the length of your pockets.

  • Ferry – This is the best bang for your bucks. It’s the cheapest of the three, it’s a quick one and a half hours, and you get to enjoy the entire western coast of Grenada. This was the option we chose for our fun day in Carriacou. Click here to see what we thought about traveling on the Osprey Ferry to Carriacou.
  • Fly – This is off course the quickest … about 20 minutes total. If time is critical and you are comfortable flying in a very small craft, go with this option. I happen to love flying over the Grenadines on these tiny aircrafts, they fly low and the views are spectacular.
    There were about 2 – 3 flights per day between Point Salines International in Grenada and Lauriston Airport in Carriacou. But they were reduced to only one, so check with a travel agent or the airport authorities before you settle on this option.
  • Sail – This is the most expensive but the most exclusive. Sailing in Grenada is fun especially up to the Grenadines. If you have the time and it fits into your budget this can be a great option … just get in touch with one of the Yacht Charters and set sails for Carriacou

Getting Around in Carriacou

The main mode of public transport is the local bus. There are of course car rentals, but if you are doing a day trip, time would be short so I would definitely recommend using the public transport. The bus drivers are very knowledgeable about the island, and would take you to the beach, or wherever for a couple dollars.

A better option … the one we took was to hire a local bus, and do an island tour. This turned out to be a great choice. It’s affordable, exclusive, and you get to see all the fun sites and villages. Take a look at our Carriacou tour, and meet our good friend and guide Norbert, who took excellent care of us.

Carriacou Restaurants

Carriacou has its fair share of restaurants, and local carry out joints. On a day trip you will have time for at least lunch at one of the good restaurants. We certainly did, and loved every minute of it. Click here to see the Carriacou Restaurant where we had lunch.

Carriacou Beaches

Carriacou has many beautiful beaches, some argue even more beautiful than Grenada. We got a tease of the most popular beach. It was only a tease because our time was short, (yours might be too) and we crammed in as many things as we could in that short time. But nothing prevents you from spending all day on the beach if that’s your thing. Click here to see our short but sweet time on this Carriacou beach.

What’s Your Carriacou Travel Story

We had an absolute great time on Carriacou but it was just too short (so sad). We seriously considered missing the return ferry, and just over nighting to enjoy some more of Carriacou. But in the end we chickened out, and decided to leave it for our next visit.

Help us discover Carriacou’s treasures for our next visit… share your best Carriacou tips, stories, and magic moments

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  1. I just came across your blog and am really glad I did! I will be visiting Grenada this month and your tips will come in handy. I can’t wait to visit the island and have planned to visit Carriacou, perhaps by plane. I will definitely dine at the restaurant you suggested, visit Paradise Beach, and do some shopping, of course!

  2. You can’t really experience Carriacou in one day, or even one week. You must miss the ferry repeatedly. We stayed at Bayaleau Point for a week, and besides seeing some incredible sights, got to spend a day at Paradise Beach and a day at the Tobago Cays.
    Are you ready to slow down and LIME?

    Bob Dod
    Roseburg, Oregon

    1. Hey Bob,
      Hey thanks for telling us about your time in Carriacou, sounds like you sure enjoyed your vacation there. Any memorable photos you want to share with us? Hope you get to make it back soon… it’s a lovely island.

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