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Laurena Hotel…Carriacou’s Best Peas Soup?

Watching to my two friends chow down, and rave about their Peas Soup at Laurena Hotel I felt like I had definitely missed out on something special. I love a good Peas Soup, but that day I had to be carefully about what I put into the old stomach…

laurena hotel restaurant carriacou

So how did we end up at Laurena Hotel? Well, a few hours after loosing my breakfast (translation: I puked (vomit) my guts out) on the Osprey Ferry from Grenada to Carriacou, the hunger daemons launched an all out attack. By then I had recovered, but I was ready to eat an entire kitchen. Lucky for me, our friend from Carriacou took us to Laurena Hotel for a late lunch and saved the day.

Laurena Hotel Restaurant?

As Carriacou Restaurants go, this hotel Restaurant is typical. It’s a small operation, and in this case I won’t be surprised if they cater mainly to their hotel guests. Our friend new the staff, so ordering was all very informal… no menus. The cook told us what she can prepare given ourtight schedule ( Osprey Ferry leaves soon), and we made our selections.

The bartender, and the cook were all very friendly, the manager came across a little reserved, but was polite.

The dining room, and restrooms were also tidy and clean. Overall is a nice place, but if I am looking for ambiance and more atmosphere I will check out another Carriacou Restaurant.

Here are a few pictures:

The guys with the bartender and manager, ordering drinks.laurena hotel restaurant carriacou

The guys with the cook figuring out… What’s for lunch? laurena hotel restaurant carriacou

Another view of dining area, spacious, and tidy laurena hotel restaurant carriacou

Peas Soup and Red Snapper

The food was a different story, right up there with any Carriacou Restaurant I’m sure. True Carriacou cuisine, with all the flavors. We ordered two items from the menu, I had the steamed Red Snapper, and like I told you, the boys had The Peas Soup. If you’ve never had a Peas Soup island style, you are missing out. Here is another photo of Laurena’s Hotel version of a Carriacou Peas Soup:

Ahhh Yummy, Yummy…
laurena hotel restaurant carriacou

The guys said that it “hit the spot” so to speak, especially the dumplings and salted beef/pork. I must admit it looked very tempting, and the aroma was even better, but I had to pass. I was not confident that it would stay down on my return ferry ride to Grenada.

I convinced myself that The Red Snapper was more solid, and should withstand the impending waves. And it did !!! The Red Snapper (below) can look a little scary if you are not use to Caribbean home cooked meals. It was seasoned to the bone, and quite delicious. It also came with vegetable rice, stewed pumpkin, steamed plantains, lettuce and tomatoes.

laurena hotel restaurant carriacou

So I give Laurena Hotel high marks for taste. Next time you are in Carriacou go sample their offerings, and hopefully you will have a similar experience like ours. And do let me know how you like it.

How to Find them?

I can’t recall which street in Hillsborough they’re on, but just ask anyone. Carriacou is very close knit, everybody knows everybody. Here is a photo of the hotel, so you know what to expect.

Laurena Hotel, outside view. The restaurant is on the first levellaurena hotel restaurant carriacou

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