Carry on Carriacou

Here is a short Carriacou Review by Oliver Gray from Winchester, UK. We visited Carriacou seven years ago and dreamed of going back but never thought we’d have the chance. Here is the original article written back then. Anyway, last week, we got the chance to revisit. We took the Osprey on a glorious day… Continue reading Carry on Carriacou

Laurena Hotel

Laurena Hotel…Carriacou’s Best Peas Soup? Watching to my two friends chow down, and rave about their Peas Soup at Laurena Hotel I felt like I had definitely missed out on something special. I love a good Peas Soup, but that day I had to be carefully about what I put into the old stomach… So… Continue reading Laurena Hotel

Carriacou Pictures

Take a short ferry ride north towards the Grenadines, and you will find Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Grenada’s sister islands. It’s a fun day trip that you should consider taking. First, you will enjoy Grenada’s scenic western coast, and then you get to relax one of Carriacou’s fantastic beaches. Paradise Beach is a favorite. Also I… Continue reading Carriacou Pictures

Carriacou The Perfect Day Trip

Just when you thought your Grenada Vacation could not get any better, enter Carriacou and Petit Martinique… Grenada’s sister islands in the famous Grenadines, only a short ferry ride away. That means YOU get to kill three birds with one stone, or rather enjoy three islands for the price of one. Carriacou appeals to a… Continue reading Carriacou The Perfect Day Trip

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Carriacou Information

I’ve put together this Carriacou information page so you can find the little but important things that you want to know when traveling here. It should save you the headache of sifting through a bunch of information about Carriacou … and allow you to focus on what matters most: Planning your Vacation. The best source… Continue reading Carriacou Information

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Osprey Ferry

Grenada to Carriacou and back on the Osprey Ferry I lived in Grenada for over 21 years, and never visited Carriacou by sea, … not until the Osprey Ferry. Back in the days Carriacou by see was a adventure I could not stomach. Four hours on a wooden vessel, passage over the underwater volcano “kick… Continue reading Osprey Ferry

Carriacou Tour

Guided Carriacou Tour… The Fun Way to See Carriacou A Carriacou tour with a good Carriacou guide is the fun and quick way to explore this lovely island. With only four hours to spare on the island I knew a do it yourself tour was a time waster. On the other hand a guided Carriacou… Continue reading Carriacou Tour

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