Grenada Discovery Train

A unique new attraction is coming to Grenada! Starting this December, Grenada Discovery Train will offer the only tourist sightseeing train in the town of St. George. This charming and unique trackless tourist train will be performing several trips during the day on a daily basis throughout the city of St. George. Founder Gerrit Van’t… Continue reading Grenada Discovery Train

Belmont Estate Grenada

Belmont Estate is a 300 year old working Cocoa Plantation in Grenada offering: Tours A Creole Restaurant Local Crafts and Produce Cultural Entertainment Animals Gardens Organic Chocolate And many other activities. I’ve known about Belmont Estate for long time and it’s on my list of Must Visit Places. I know this Grenada Attraction is becoming… Continue reading Belmont Estate Grenada

Underwater Scuplture Park Grenada

You probably don’t know what’s an Underwater Sculpture Park, and I bet you also don’t know that the first one ever created is in Grenada. After you watch these two short videos you will be even more excited about snorkeling in Grenada. Awesome Video of Underwater Sculpture Park Interview with the Artist Jason de Caires… Continue reading Underwater Scuplture Park Grenada

Jumping Off Annadale Waterfalls Grenada – Video

One of the things I enjoy at Annandale Waterfalls is the jumpers. Here are some pictures and a video of an Annandale Jumper doing his thing. This is risky business… it rained quite heavily that day. And as if the rain, and slippery stones weren’t enough, it was clear to us that this guy already… Continue reading Jumping Off Annadale Waterfalls Grenada – Video

Annandale Waterfalls Pictures

I almost always stop at Annandale Waterfalls whenever I’m in Grenada. Located in the very green villages of Willis/New Hampshire in St George’s, it’s one of the most accessible, and frequently visited of all Grenada’s Waterfalls. Click here to find out the most entertaining time to visit Annandale waterfalls. Here are a couple pictures to… Continue reading Annandale Waterfalls Pictures

Lake Antoine

Lake Antoine Grenada … Yet Another Treasure Another example of Grenada’s natural beauty, and variety is Lake Antoine. It’s located in Grenada’s most northern parish, St Patricks. It is the second largest lake on the island, the largest is Grand Etang Lake. I won’t suggest that you come to St Patrick’s just for Lake Antoine,… Continue reading Lake Antoine

Grenada Tourist Attractions

There are enough tourist attractions in Grenada to keep you busy and wanting to come back for more. The Grenada Tourist Attractions below is a good place to start. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Grenada’s attractions offer more than a few strips of white sand and a patch of rain forest–just scroll… Continue reading Grenada Tourist Attractions

Gouyave Nutmeg Pool

Gouyave Nutmeg Pool Nutmeg once drew the most tourists to Gouyave, which still hosts the largest processing station on the island – Gouyave Nutmeg Pool. Prior to Hurricane Ivan, Grenada was the world’s second largest producer of the spice which largely accounts for the faint aroma that pervades the town of Gouyave. (Photo above: Nutmegs… Continue reading Gouyave Nutmeg Pool