Big Waves on Grand Anse Beach = Fun for the Boys

If you know anything about Grenada, you know that in December the beaches lose their tranquility as bigger waves pound the shores. I happened upon this group of boys on Grand Anse Beach who wanted it no other way. It was entertaining to watch them, not to mention nostalgic. Next » View at Picasa View… Continue reading Big Waves on Grand Anse Beach = Fun for the Boys

Magazine Beach Pictures

If these Magazine Beach Pictures don’t make you want to head to the beach then nothing will. Magazine Beach is another one of Grenada’s Beast Beaches, and it’s number 3 on my list of Favorite Grenada Beaches. These photos were taken from the water looking inland, and moving from north to south. Click on the… Continue reading Magazine Beach Pictures

A Secret Beach River Sallee, St Patrick’s Grenada

Here is another Grenada Beach that very few know about. This is the first time this beach has ever been featured on Grenada Beaches website and we have Louise Francois from London to thank for that. Thanks Louise. Secret Sea Front You are at River Salle, St. Patrick’s going to Bathway Beach. From River Salle… Continue reading A Secret Beach River Sallee, St Patrick’s Grenada


Submitted by Pat (Location Unknown) (What a view! The old Leper colony with Grand Anse in the background 1986) Yes, I remember the Sandblast, and Grand Anse Beach, but my favorite beach was the BBC, as it was where we lived the building of the Airport. I have many happy memories of the island. I… Continue reading BBC Bay

7 Grenada Beaches That I Miss

by Celia Flanders (London, England) Pandy Beach, Near Port Louis Marina Morne Rouge Beach – Lovely for family with small children Pandy Beach St George’s – Lovely for lovers Baileys Bacolet St David’s – Go between 5.00pm, you will get a wonderful surprise between 12.00pm – 1:00pm Pink Gin Beach St. George’s – Just… Continue reading 7 Grenada Beaches That I Miss

Grand Anse Beach Pictures

No Grenada photo gallery can be complete without a Grand Anse Beach Photo Gallery. This particular set of Grand Anse Beach pictures were taken on a brilliant day, perfect for swimming or sunbathing.  This potion of the beach is north of Spice Island Beach Resort, closer to the old St. George’s University Medical School Campus, and… Continue reading Grand Anse Beach Pictures

Dr Grooms Beach

by Lakisha(Tennessee, USA) One of the best beaches in Grenada. Located in the Point Salines area, close to the International Airport. It is ideal for a midday dip or a midnight stroll. With a restaurant and bar area, Dr. Groom’s beach meets the everyday needs of the vacation enthusiast: food, relaxation, sunshine, clear blue waters… Continue reading Dr Grooms Beach

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach… Is it Worth Missing The Ferry? We heard so many good things about Paradise Beach that we were willing to risk missing our Ferry just to spend a few minutes on this Carriacou Beach. Our only regret while visiting Carriacou was not having more time to spend on Paradise Beach. After an exciting… Continue reading Paradise Beach

Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach Magazine Beach goes by many names. I’ve heard it called Rex beach, the Beach at Rex Grenadian, and Aquarium Beach. Whatever you choose to call it won’t not change the fact that it is one of the best of all Grenada Beaches, and one of my favorite. Go to Magazine Beach if you… Continue reading Magazine Beach

Pink Gin Beach

Pink Gin Beach Pingouin Beach a.ka Pink Gin Beach gets its name from the fashionable UK cocktail which consist of Gin and a dash or two of Angostura Bitters. It’s the English way to do Gin. Photography: jimg944. One look at the pinkish sand on Pink Gin beach, and you will see that this beach… Continue reading Pink Gin Beach