Carib Beer

A Beer is A Carib… In Grenada

Learn this: In Grenada A Beer is a Carib, and Grenada makes absolutely the Best Carib Beer. Full Stop!!!

Now them Trinbagonians (Trinidad & Tobago) won’t agree but that is another story.

carib beer poster grenada

There’s only one thing that’s missing from this shot taken by a_truong, and that’s YOU!! Cold Carib Beer, Lovely Sunset and a Grenada Beach… it’s almost perfection in paradise.

As a tribute to my favorite lager I am dedicating this page to fellow Carib Drinkers and Carib Lovers (one in the same).

Post you favorite Carib Photo, and let’s salute the king of Caribbean Beers.

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Carib Beer in Pictures

My sister and I, with my friend Val, I hanging out at Rick’s Cafe… our favorite spot

carib beer grenada Rick's Cafe

David, Mom and Arend at Nutmeg Restaurant

carib beer grenada nutmeg resturant

With sister Hazel and friend Leslie. Find out why I did not have a Carib Beer at Nutmeg Restaurant…

carib beer grenada nutmeg resturant

A Carib Shak… How is that for an island bar? Not to mention a great Carib Beer Advert. Thank you Funkatronik.

carib beer grenada nutmeg resturant

Enjoying a Cold Carib at the Thomas Sisters Eatery on Grand Anse Beach

carib beer grenada grand anse beach thomas sisters eatery

Ron, Cecil and a traitor Heineken drinker (not shown) chilling at Port Louis Victory Bar

carib beer grenada Port Louis victory bar

Spass & Carib Beer at Club Karma

carib beer grenada club karma night club

Jeff & his wife at Flamboyant Hotel, enjoying a Carib Beer on their favorite Caribbean Island… Grenada

carib beer flamboyant hotel grenada

Carib Beer and smokes…aaah, breakfast in Grenada…compliments carib beer grenada

Izumi a.k.a Zoomdog and her high school buddies, enjoy their final sunset drinking session at Grand Anse Beach

carib beer grenada grand anse beach

Cricket lovely Cricket, the Carib Girls, & Cold Carib Beers, my friend Spass is in heaven at the Party Stand in the National Stadium… Windies v Australia.

carib beer grenada national stadium carib girls

Thank You Gerad from Nashville, TN – Hanging out with family for a 50th birthday. We all turn 50 sometime.

carib beer BVI

Perfection… you just can’t beat this!! Special thank you to Caroline of double © photography for this awesome shot. Taken on Grand Anse Beach.

carib beer grenada grand anse beach

Girls hanging out at Le Phare Bleu Happy Hour. Thank you Oliver.

Carib Girls - Le Phare Bleu Happy Hour

Click Here to send me your Carib Beer photos and comments via this submission page.

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  1. Hi! I just found your site. Good stuff. I was just looking for some Carib beer info and up you came. I enjoy Carib and luckily we are able to get it pretty easily here in south Florida.

    Cheers to Caribean Beers!

  2. Love the pics… just got back a couple of weeks ago, stayed in the Grand View (just above the Flamboyant) had a great time! Miss it terribly, the fresh food, Carib, and Ting….(great with rum 😉 ) – borrowed a couple of pics for my blog – the Carib shack, and the Carib at sunset… hope you don’t mind. Feel free to borrow any of my images – I have some taken at Grand Etang (with the monkeys – petting them) coming up, hope you get a read!

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