Go Beyond Bacardi Try Clarkes Court Instead

Grenada’s most popular rum is Clarkes Court Pure White Rum, and it’s also Grenada’s strongest rum. It’s so strong that:

  • It will make hair grow on your chest
  • It will strip the paint off your car,
  • And if you’re lucky you might even run on your car on Clarkes Court Rum.
Clarks Court Rum Grenada
Clarks Court Rum Grenada

Okay, okay, I’m only kidding. But on a serious note this rum is definitely NOT for the faint of heart. The bottle label says its 69% Alcohol by Volume, and 138 Proof!!!

In my humble opinion … That’s a damn lie !!!

Over many years I’ve watched Clarkes Court reap hovoc on both the uninitiated, and seasoned rum drinker. More havoc than even the venerable Mr. Bacardi 151 can ever claim.

To be frank, Bacardi 151 is a paper tiger compared to Clarkes Court… just look at the carnage Clarkes Court leaves in its wake compared to Bacardi, and you will agree.

So don’t believe what you read on the Clarkes Court bottle, this rum is much much stronger.

Stronger than Rivers Rum?
Ah yes good old Rivers Rum from River Antoine… you can smell it from a 10 miles away. Well this rum is some brutal stuff, and it’s taken down many a good man. It’s 75% Alc. Vol. So again on paper it is supposed to be stronger than Clarkes Court…

Personally I think the Clarkes Court will take you to the point of no return faster than Rivers. That’s a great debate that’s been waging for years in Grenada. All I can say is that Rivers Rum lovers will tell you they wake up next day feeling strong… No Headaches!! I’m afraid Clarkes Court drinkers can’t make the same claim.

Rum and Coke, No Shots Please
Uncle Clark is best enjoyed with Coke, and it’s superb in any tropical cocktail that calls for rum. But stop at any rum shop in Grenada and you are sure to see an old timer or two taking shots. These guys must carry a spare liver in their back pockets.

My advice: Don’t do Shots!! But if you must do it, then practice at home first, we don’t want you to end up like this poor guy:

He had Way Too Much
He had Way Too Much

So Guys if your preferred liquor of choice is rum, then make sure you request Clarkes Court Rum for your Rum and Cokes and cocktails. Ladies I recommend a Clarkes Court Rum Punch.

A Pharmacy in a Bottle?
Clarkes Court also has some medicinal uses. The old folks use it as a topical rub for joint pain, I guess it’s all that heat it generates. And I can attest that a mixture of Clarkes Court, Honey and Lime will clear up, or relieve any sore throat, or chest cold.

Stock ’em Up
Don’t forget to grab a couple bottles to take back home with you. It’s refreshing in the hot summer and soothing in the bitter winter.

Actually when you say Clarkes Court to any Grenadian they immediately think about “The Pure White Rum”, but there are at least 7 different Rums under the Clarkes Court Brand. Dark rum, white rum, aged rum, strong rum, light rum, you name it you can find it so go knock yourself out.

Find out more about Clarkes Court at Grenada Sugar Factory