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Hi my name is Neville, and I am a Chocoholic. There I said it. I have a weakness for sweetness, especially when its all smooth, and velvety and has Chocolate written all over it. Rarely a day passes by and I don’t have a chocolate bar.

You don’t even have to say it, I already know:  that’s beyond bad, its downright dangerous. So in recent years I’ve slowly migrated to healthier dark chocolate… upwards of 60%, 70% Cocoa.

Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Dark Chocolate
Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Dark Chocolate

Dove makes a great dark chocolate (not organic) it’s really smooth.  Chocolove and Dagoba also have some pretty awesome bars. But, I’ll tell you what, The Grenada Chocolate Company is a big favorite.

No decent chocoholic should deny their taste buds the satisfaction of making love to a bar of The Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Dark Chocolate. Trust me it’s really really good.

It comes in two strengths. In their words:

60% Chocolate: sweet and rich with an intense and complex chocolate flavor

71% Chocolate:strong bitter-sweet with extra fruity cocoa flavor notes

As the name suggests, The Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Dark Chocolates are made in Grenada. I actually tried twice in the past to tour their factory but it never worked out, always bad timing.  The fact remains, that the Cocoa, the main ingredient in Chocolate, is one of Grenada’s number one exports. And Before Hurricane Ivan, only Indonesia exported more cocoa than Grenada. But Grenada’s Cocoa is still recognized worldwide as a superior product.

Note: As of this writing, due to the devastation caused by hurricanes in recent years to the Cocoa Crop in Grenada: Grenada Chocolate is now made with a fine blend of Grenadian and Costa Rican organic cocoa.

The bar is still full of goodness though, and hopefully it will very soon return to 100% Grenadian Cocoa.

A few more brownie points for the Grenada Chocolate Company:

  • The 71% strength won second place for “Best Dark Organic Chocolate Bar” by the Academy of Chocolate
  • All Chocolate is produce in a sustainable fashion. The factory uses Solar Energy, and off course the cocoa and chocolate is certified Organic by the USDA. I just know that will make all you Go Green / Environmental supporters happy campers.

So there you have it. Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Chocolate, now go try it


  1. Hello
    we are presently on your beautiful island
    and we will love visit cocoa plantation but i cannot fine information about That … Can you help?

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