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Grenada Wine At Pappy’s

En route to Gouyave Fish Friday, we stopped at Pappy’s to sample some Grenada Wine. Pappy’s located in Concord, St John’s just a few minutes outside Gouyave.
samples of grenada wine at pappy's shop in Concord

Now I must warn you that you won’t find any

  • Cabernet Sauvignon,
  • Merlot,
  • or Chardonnay.

In fact Grenada Wine is grapeless. And certainly not the wine you are use to.

The bottle says: “Makes a wonderful drink when served with crushed ice”. Wine with Ice? Oh well, what the heck: When in Rome … Right?

The wide variety of tropical fruits, and flowers used to produce the many flavors of Grenada Wine lining the shelves impressed me.

Except for the occasional reds like a Merlot, Cabernet, or Pinot Noir, I am hardly the wine connoisseur or wine lover. We were prepared to just meet the shopkeeper, take a drink, purchase a single bottle as a token of support for the local Grenada Wine industry (if one exists), and walk out the door.

Well you probably guess by now that did not happen. I instead left Pappy’s Wine/Rum shop with six bottles of fine Grenada Wine in hand.

mia tasting grenada wine at pappy's shop in Concord

How did I go from one bottle to six? Well our quite, generous host, broke out two wine glasses, and the next thing I knew is that am tasting all these very unique wines, and loving them.

Here is Mia pictured left trying some of that sparkling Grenada Wine.

First was the Hibiscus Wine

I never knew such a thing existed. I mean Hibiscus is a flower for crying out loud. I tried it … quite interesting. I liked it.

grenada wine bois bande pappys wine concord gouyave

Then came the Tamarind Liqueur

Tamarind is from a curved brown bean-pod from the tamarind tree. The pod contains a sticky pulp enclosing one to ten shiny black seeds. It is the pulp that is used as a flavoring for the sweet, sour, fruity aroma and taste of this Grenada Liqueur.
grenada wine tamarind pappys shop concord gouyave

Viagra? Cialis? Any takers?

Relax guys you don’t need that stuff in Grenada. Just try the all natural Bois Bande Wine (pronounced Baw-Ban-day). Since I was a little boy growing up in Grenada I’ve heard the stories about Bois Bande.

Local legend has it that if you consume too much … it might be hours before things return to normal. Bois Bande comes from the bark of a tree. If you really want some potent stuff just, get the bark. Boil it and drink just like tea.

grenada wine bois bande pappys wine concord gouyave

The Bois Bande concentration in Pappy’s wine is not too strong, not too weak … I guess just enough to get the job done (nod, nod, wink, wink… 🙂 ). This Grenada Wine is not the best tasting of the lot, and the aroma … well it takes some getting use to … definitely an acquired one. But I just had to have a bottle … give a guy a break.

And all the rest … Mango, Plum, Guava, Sorrel

We tasted everything, and it was not your connoisseur kind of tasting. It was more like a full drink. Is there any wonder why I had a nice buzz by the time I got to Gouyave Fish Friday?

Mia loved the Guava Wine and the Sorrel Liqueur
, they were on the sweeter side.

grenada wine papy shop concord gouyave

In all we spent about forty US dollars maybe more, which is a lot. Now the challenge I faced was figuring out a way to get them all back to the US …

We enjoyed the little stop at Pappy’s Shop. And I encourage you to drop in on Pappy’s when traveling on the western coast. Sample to your hearts content then take a couple bottles of your favorite.

If you do drop in please tell me here.

And Guys you definitely want to get your hands on some of that Grenada Bois Bande wine, the ladies gonna thank you for it.

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  1. Pappy’s makes wonderful wine,be sure to visit next time you’ll surely enjoy the taste of his lovely unique wines…

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