Gouyave Fishermans Birthday

Gouyave Fisherman’s Birthday Celebration 29th June

Gouyave’s big festival is the annual Fisherman’s Birthday bash which falls on June 29th. The day is actually the recognition day of the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, fishermen who Christianity recognizes as Christ’s closest disciples.

So here is a quick run down of how the Gouyave Fisherman’s Birthday Bash unfolds;

  1. The Day Before

    • The night of June 28th features “Mass in June”, a street jam that typically attracts over 5000 folks and runs to just past midnight.
  2. The Day Of 29th June
    • Church service at the historic St. John’s RC Church, kicks off the day, and a subsequent procession to the beach, accompanied by a band, to bless the boats. The day’s activities actually punctuate a week long festival.
    • Sailing boat races, tug of war, various swimming races, and an exciting day of beach activities.
  3. Night of 29th June

    • Concert with a headline act along with local performers, several major fetes or large parties, and festivities that go right through the night. Expect thousands of locals, and many tourists. The population of this little vibrant town literally explodes to almost twice it’s normal size.
    • Bars and restaurants stay open all night, and are ready to serve breakfast in the morning to guests as they leave.
    • Parking is a total nightmare for late arrivals, but the atmosphere is festive, crowded, fun, and most notably, almost always incident free.

Gouyave people, known to be loud and abrasive, actually pride themselves on their non-violent good nature and abhor outsiders bringing their town into disrepute. Any little scuffle is typically quelled by vigilant locals with the admonishing to not taint their town.

So if you happen to be in Grenada the week of June 29th, then cut your slice of the festivities and join the bandwagon as all roads lead to Gouyave Fisherman’s Birthday Bash.

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