Grand Etang Lake

Grand Etang Lake is a prime example that Grenada has more than just pretty beaches. On our nature tour of Grenada we stopped off at Grand Etang Lake, to admire the beauty and take in the serenity.

grand etang lake

Getting to the lake is easy, even if you are driving yourself. There is only one main road that takes you “over the hills” into St. Andrews from St George’s.

The signs will tell you when you are in the Forest Reserve area … you can also tell from the orderly planted Pine like trees.

When you see this sign turn down into the off road and you are there.

Side Note: A word about driving “over the hills”. It’s probably the most challenging (read dangerous) road to drive on in Grenada. The many sharp coners can make it feel like a rollercoaster. Added to that other drivers especially the buses are always speeding. (take a look at this before you drive in Grenada)

I won’t advise you to catch a bus (unless you hire one). It’s easy to get to the lake area by bus, but the erratic schedule (read: no schedule) means you could end up waiting a long time before you see a return bus (and it might already be filled).

And as beautiful as Grand Etang Lake is, you certainly won’t want night fall to catch you in the “bushes”. So my advice will be to get a tour guide like we did.

This small hut at the entrance to Grand Etang Lake is where you would pay a fee to go down to the lake.

I wish I can tell you how much we paid but I can’t. No one was there to take our contribution. We called out, toot (honk) our horn, but no one came, so we decided to go on ahead, and pay on the return. Well on the return … still no one to be found.

I would imagine it’s no more than a dollar or two. And am certain, this booth is only operational in the tourist season. I hope you have better luck than we did with your contribution… but then again maybe you’re thinking we were the lucky ones.

What I love about Grand Etang Lake is the peace about the place. It’s never crowded. And because no recreational activities like fishing, hunting, etc are allowed, most groups only spend a few minutes browse around and then they leave.

There are picnic tables if you want to make the visit a romantic or family picnic.

It’s really just a place to enjoy appreciate nature, and maybe reflect on your life a little bit .. . something we find the time to do with all the stresses of work, and bills.

Do explore the Shoreline Trail at Grand Etang Lake. It’s quite short, and the trail is well kept.

The hand rails, and the steps come in very handy … especially on the decent. If it rains there can be a few muddy spots at the top, as to be expected. Keep this in mind if you don’t have proper footwear. At the top you will get better views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Standing up there looking around brought mixed feelings. I have many fond childhood memories visiting Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve. It’s a piece of Grenada that many of us hold dear to our hearts.

My heart ached looking at the once dense forest now reduced to naked, stalks. Mighty trees in their glory, snapped in the twinkle of an eye by hurricane Ivan in September of 2004.

On the bright side I was happy to see the forest beginning to revovering from the severe punishment it received from the winds of hurricane Ivan.

Here are a few more shots of Grand Etang Lake

There are also other trails leading to Mt. Qua Qua and others, from Grand Etang Lake. For these hiking excursions you will definely want to have a local guide who has experience on these trails with you.
Mia and our tour guide take a photo together.
Here is a shot from the surface of the lake showing the hills on the other side of the lake

You might also enjoy Lake Antoine another of Grenada’s beautiful nature spots

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  1. The Grand Etang Lake is one of most beautiful parks in the Carribean, no one knows the dept of the Volcanic lake, or the intake route. I am a Grenadian and lived in Grenada for half of my adult life. After 18 years on the Police fore migrated to Canada. I still remember the good old days as a boy in St. George’s. Bathing on the beach when there was one opposite the old fish house, cricket in Tanteen. The many memories still live on in my thoughts, on the Policce Force Traffic Branch I enjoyed the time spent there. Grenada is beautiful.

    Fitzroy Church.

  2. It is with a sense of nostalgia that I look at these pictures. I have never returned to Grenada since I left as a child. Its not that I do not want to visit but it is just that I don’t want to change the ideas I still have a child; washing clothes in the river, watching mullets swim up to you and crayfish scurrying about when you lift up rocks.

  3. Hold up your head high all Grenadians we can do better if we try keep that in your mind. We peoples that are studying abroad will come back home to develop our communities. Mt. Granby is the third highest mountain in Grenada and we must do some advertising so that people can come to visit and enjoy our nice people and cool breeze and spices.

  4. i am a grenadian and very proud of it . but when coming to sightseeing we sa grenadians and the government needs to do more to improve it. such as advertising building and cleaning roads and making use of the spices what god bless us with.

  5. I enjoyed the history of Grenada and my plans are to vist my grandparents home land.I was there in 2007 but i stayed for 5 days.If you can, please send me a Geographical layout of the island especially on the type of soil Grenada has, this will assist me with a project i am doing about Grenada. I am a student. You can reach me at the above E-mail or (
    Thanking you in advance.

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