Morne Fendue Betty Mascoll Plantation House

Lunch at Morne Fendue Plantation House

Morne Fendue Plantation House driveway After half day of island touring we were all ready to eat, and late for our lunch appointment at Morne Fendue Plantation House in St. Patricks. Our tour guide strategically suggested Morne Fendue,knowing that by the time we got through the eastern side of the island and into St. Patricks wewould be about ready to eat. He was right.

From the time we entered the driveway to the Plantation House, I knew that this was going to be more than just a regular lunch. Morne Fendue is an 18th century stone built Plantation House that sits atop a mound.I saw many tropical flowers like bouganvilleas all around the grounds. And 360 degree views of nearby mountains, lush green hills and valleys.

Morne Fendue Plantation

We were greeted by our hostess, the owner Dr. Jean Thompson, and escorted to the dining area.

The large dining room, is some what of a museum with many historic momentos, many of them serving as reminders of the late Betty Mascoll the former owner.

Time to Eat

Lunch was served up by two pleasant young ladies. First up was calaloo soup, a local favorite. And while we enjoyed our soup, Jean entertained us with a little history about Mourne Fendue Plantation House, and its former owner Betty Mascoll.

The historical tidbits were fasinating.

  • Turns out that Betty Mascoll was a recipient of the MBE award for services as a nurse during World War II.
  • And that Morne Fendue Plantation House had two very high profile guests. The first was Princess Margaret who stayed at Mourne Fendue Plantation House on her visit to Grenada in the 1950’s.
  • And the second was none other than the late former US President Ronald Reagan. He had lunch at Morne Fendue while visiting the troops stationed in Grenada after the 1983 US invasion.

After our histroy lesson, our hostess gracefully departed, and left us in the capable hands of our two quiet but very pleasant servers. Morne Fendue Plantation

Ryian and Dr. Jean pose for a picture just before Jean departs. The calaloo soup definitley hit the spot, and I was ready to devourer the main course (entree). It consisted of a brown chicken stew, curried fish, steamed green bananas and plantains, Yam pie, stewed pumpkin, and rice and peas.

The meal was fabulous, everyone enjoyed everything. Well everyone that is, except my mom. She can be a difficult patron to please, and on that day she had issues with the brown chicken stew. She claimed it lacked seasoning (spice) …

She did give the thumbs up on everythng else, which was great. Because if you know my mom, you also know that if it wasn’t cooked in her kitchen, then she may take issue with it.

Desert was a frozen ice cream with slices of bananas. The perfect finish to a great meal.
Morne Fendue PlantationMorne Fendue Plantation house is also a guest house, but we saw no one else on the compound.

Located in one of Grenada’s most remote parishes, I can see why it makes a perfect secluded getaway. You will of course need a car, to travel to the nearby Bathway Beach or Levera Beach. But don’t expect any nearby entertainment, or night life becuase you won’t find much in these parts.

Lunch cost us US$20.00 each, and off course a nice tip for our servers. If you plan on being in St. Patricks around lunch time, call ahead and make lunch reservations at Morne Fendue Plantation House. It beats all other restaurants in St. Patricks hands down.

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