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How about our Sunshine Tours In Grenada?

Sunnyside Gardens

Sparrow our trusted tour operator from Sunshine Tours in Grenada picked us up at at about 9:45AM at my mom’s house.

In the comfort of a 5 seater air conditioned Isuzu Trooper, we headed to our first stop, on our first island tour in Grenada …Sunnyside Gardens.

Sunnyside is a true labor of love, and it was one of our favorite stops. It’s a private residence and open only to tourists, by appointment only.

Fort Frederick

10 minutes away we arrived at our next stop – Fort Frederick. It was a not on the scheduled, but since we were close I asked Sparrow if we could squeeze it in … he was more than happen to obliged. The History of Fort Frederick dates back to colonial times.

There were about two dozen tourist there when we arrived. Many of the island tours in Grenada will stop at Fort Frederick. You will have to pay a couple bucks as we did to get up to the main section to see the fabulous views of the capital St. Georges, the Carribean Sea, and the Atlantic ocean.

La Sagesse Beach and Nature Centre

We left Fort Frederick, and our Grenada tour took us to the eastern coast through Westerhall and on to La Sagesse Nature Centre. This is off the beaten path.

When we pulled up I met a couple (Paul and Laura) from Canada on their honeymoon. You can just tell they were newly weds. And they were enjoying every moment in this hidden paradise called La Sagesse.

There were about 5 or 6 other guests relaxing on the mile long La Sagesse beach, and another couple at the restaurant that’s on the beach.

This restaurant was the ideal place to have lunch, but we had already made resevations elsewhere. We did have a couple beverages at the bar. You might want to consider structuring your island tour in Grenada so you can do lunch here.

Just call in advance to make reservations. According to Jerry who runs the place, everything is local and fresh, like the seafood entree which comprise the catch of the day.

Eastern Coast

We passed several villages as we made our way north along the eastern coast. You won’t find any specific tourist attractions along the way but you will get a glimpse of the Grenada country life – farmers, small huts, goats, sheep, flowers and fruit trees. And off to your right is the beautiful blue Atlantic Ocean.

River Antoine Estate – Rivers Rum

We did not stop in the town of Grenville, on this tour. We went right on through to the home of the famous Rivers Rum at River Antoine Estate .

It’s the only distillery in the caribbean that still uses a water wheel to crush the cane. In fact the rum is called Rivers because the water wheel is powered by water from River Antoine, which flows from the scenic lake antoine.

If you like rum, then you must include this stop while on your Grenada tour. You not only get an education in rum making, but you also get to taste the final product. And that’s not all … how ’bout a couple bottles to take back with you. It’s a win, win, win!!

Morne Fendue Plantation House – Lunch Finally

By about 1:45PM we were all dieing to eat, and finally made it to Morne Fendue Plantation House for what was suppose to be our 1PM lunch reservation. Mt. Fendue is one of the famous plantation houses on the island.

We were greeted at the door by the owner Dr. Jean Thompson. She was actually about to leave for another engagement (we were 45 minutes late), but she made sure we settled in, and before she left, gave us the history of Morne Fendue.

We were attended to by two young ladies. A small buffet was prepared just for the 5 of us and we had the large dining area all to ourselves. This was a lunch with a difference. After all a British Princess, and US President were both guest of this old plantation house.

The Wind down to the great day

After lunch we spent the remainder of our Grenada island tour between Bathway Beach and Levera Beach.

Our final stop was at Concord waterfalls, after which we criused down the western coast looking at departing cruise ships, the golden sunset and the lights dotting the hills to the south of St. George’s. Our first island tour in Grenada was coming to an end.

Sparrow got us home safely at about 7PM it was a long day but well spent.

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