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Guided Tours In Grenada … See Grenada with an expert by your side

Island tours in Grenada are fun, and probably the quickest, and most stress free way to enjoy many of the sites, sounds and smells of Grenada.

On my December 2005 visit we did two guided tours in Grenada. And we used a different tour opertor each time. Using two different Grenada tour operators was deliberate … I simply wanted to compare both services so I can help you make a more informed choice for your tour in Grenada.

It will thrill you to know that both our Grenada tour operators were fun, knowledgeable, and we felt very safe the entire excursion.

Grenada Tour #1

Ashley Church at Sunshine Tours was our tour guide on our first island tour in Grenada. Island Tours in Grenada with Sunshine Tours

We actually found Sunshine Tours by accident. I was drving around the grand anse neighborhood with a friend trying to locate a car rental company, when we happend upon Sunshine Tours.

A guided tour in Grenada was on my list of things to do, so I welcomed the coincidence, and we walked in.

That’s when I met Ashley (nickname – Sparrow).

Sparrow is a tall man with a cheerful smile. He warmly greeted us, and tried to help us locate our missing rental company. He even named a couple other places we could try if we ran out of luck.

Somewhere along our little chat I also found out that he knew my Dad quite well … turns out they were both part of a popular organization back in the ’70s.

Before I left I took a couple brochures describing various island tours in Grenada. When I got home that day, I reviewed the packages in the brochure, and I crafted my own custom Grenada tour.

Later that evening I called Sparrow at Sunshine Tours to reserve our first island tour in Grenada After workig out the details, he explained the best route, and suggestions on where we can lunch. We set a time for the next morning.

Grenada Tour #2

Coming soon!!

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