Underwater Scuplture Park Grenada

You probably don’t know what’s an Underwater Sculpture Park, and I bet you also don’t know that the first one ever created is in Grenada. After you watch these two short videos you will be even more excited about snorkeling in Grenada.

Awesome Video of Underwater Sculpture Park

Interview with the Artist Jason de Caires Taylor

My Time at the Underwater Sculpture Park

Cold and Murky, but Impressive. That about sums it up. The water was so friggin cold I forgot I was in sunny warm Grenada. And the sea surge made the visibility difficult.

What can you do?…You can’t fight mother nature. It wasn’t our day.

But I must say that even with all the cold and murkiness, the park is truly an amazing piece of work. It’s quite impressive to look at the sculptures in real life, even though some of them got beaten up by the strong sea surge, and were thrown out of place.

I definitely plan to go see it again on a more pleasant day.

Getting to the Sculpture Park

Any of the Dive shops on the island can take you there. We used our friends Rachel and Adrian at Native Spirit Scuba.

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