7 Grenada Beaches That I Miss

by Celia Flanders
(London, England)

Pandy Beach, Near Port Louis Marina

Pandy Beach, Near Port Louis Marina

  1. Morne Rouge Beach – Lovely for family with small children
  2. Pandy Beach St George’s – Lovely for lovers
  3. Baileys Bacolet St David’s – Go between 11.am- 5.00pm, you will get a wonderful surprise between 12.00pm – 1:00pm
  4. Pink Gin Beach St. George’s – Just lovely
  5. La Tante Beach St. David’s – Nice and quiet, silver sand
  6. Pearls Beach St. Andrews – Nice beach, bring lot’s of drinks, there aren’t any shops nearby.
  7. Conference Beach St. Andrew’s – Silver sand, fat pork, and sea grapes. Enjoy nature!

It’s so sad I live in England now, I miss these Grenada Beaches soo much.


  1. Yes Pandy is a beautifull beach not many people know about that beach so close to St George’s maybe not as easy to to get to.

  2. Hi Celia,
    That’s a good list, a little different from the usually mentioned favorite Grenada beaches (with 2 exceptions). Sadly some of them are not as glorious as the once were. Take Pearls Beach for example, the sand mining has transformed it into a shadow of what it used to be.
    You said Sea Grapes and that transported me down memory lane.. if I you gave me a penny for every sea grape I ate, I would be a wealthy man today… LOL!!! Its a taste fruit that I realize many visitors don’t know about.

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