A Secret Beach River Sallee, St Patrick’s Grenada

Here is another Grenada Beach that very few know about. This is the first time this beach has ever been featured on Grenada Beaches website and we have Louise Francois from London to thank for that. Thanks Louise.

Secret Sea Front

You are at River Salle, St. Patrick’s going to Bathway Beach. From River Salle Roundabout take the Bathway exit. A few yards on you will meet the cemetery, turn right at the cemetery towards River Sallee school adjacent (lying near) to the cemetery.

Stay on that road and drive pass the school. Do not turn left or right. Remember – its a straight drive ahead until you reach a steep hill – go over the hill. Turn not left nor right but simply go straight over the hill. From there you will see a stunning cream and red country villa, drive towards it.

Once you have arrived at it’s gated garden with assorted plants and flowers, keep you eyes upfront. In the distance, you will see a glistening blue sea welcoming you. If you go a few yards on you may park the jeep at the entrance of the rocky grass road, flanked by coconut grove, mango, sapadollia trees; shrubs and butterflies of all kinds .

It’s a refreshing and pleasant walk down to where you will discover this wild and amazing sea front.
Oops, mind the cows.
Forgot – there’s an estuary, it’s Glassie, that’ the name.

Have a lovely, whatever it is you wish to do – fish, walk or otherwise. If lost, ask a local to show you Liva Calbash – if you have to then you are lost.

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  1. i grow up in river sallee all what you say how to get to bathway not please put tthe direction better than that if i take you direction i will get lost before i start

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