My Favorite Grenada Beaches

There are about 45 Grenada Beaches to choose from. Yes, you heard me right: 45 Grenada Beaches. Well … that sounds great, but to be honest it’s more beach than you, and I have the time, or energy to handle.

So how about a more manageable list? How about a Top Grenada Beaches list, so you can cut to the chase? Read on …

My Top 6 Grenada Beaches

Okay so let’s cut it down from 45 Grenada Beaches to the top 6 Grenada Beaches. We’re not throwing the other 39 beaches away, only putting them on reserve for you. If you ever get the urge to explore further, they’re all your’s for your enjoyment.

So let’s get to it, here are my top picks for the best Grenada Beaches

1. Grand Anse Beach

grenada beaches grand anse beach

You will be hard pressed to find a more spectacular beach anywhere in the world, no kidding … and am not biased, that’s according to the many travel writers and visitors that swim, stroll, and soak up the sun, on this beach each and every year.

Click here to see why Grand Anse Beach of all Grenada Beaches is my absolute favorite …

2. Morne Rouge Beach (BBC Beach)

Most locals refer to this one as BBC beach, am sure there is a story behind the name but I never bothered to inquire. Probably got the name from the BBC night club that once operated on the beach.

grenada beaches morne rouge beach bay

Morne Rouge Beach like Grand Anse beach lies in the heart of the hotel district, in the south of Grenada.

Holidays aside, this is one beach you can have all to yourself. It’s an interesting contrast of Lush green trees, white sands, and calm turquoise waters. When am looking for a more peaceful relaxing day I will choose Morne Rouge on a weekday.

And if you have small children, then this beach is probably one of your safest choices among all the Grenada Beaches. Morne Rouge Bay is sheltered, so the waves are often quite calm.

3. Magazine Beach

Another beautiful beach on Grenada’s Southwestern coast.

grenada beaches magazine beach

Magazine Beach, is is the home of the Rex Grenadian Hotel and the Aquarium Restaurant. The beach is about one mile of white sand, and clear blue waters.

Great food and drinks from Aquarium Restaurant, kayaking, and snorkeling all accentuate a fun day on this Grenada beach. Find out why Sunday is one of the best days to spend on this beach.

4. Pink Gin Beach

This one lies almost at the very tip of the island, behind the hill overlooking Point Salines International Airport.

grenada beaches pink gin beach

Pink Gin Beach, is even more secluded than Morne Rouge Beach. Pinkish sand, pristine waters and a picturesque view of St. George welcomes you at Pink Gin Beach.

Add to that, the convenience of the La Source Hotel, the opportunity for all sorts of water sports; or just chill out and relax; and it’s easy to see why Pink Gin Beach is a top favorite.

5. Bathway Beach

A beautiful strip of white sand beach in the north of the island.

grenada beaches bathway beach

If you are looking for action … people, food, drinks, and just good times then Bathway beach on a Grenada holiday is the one place to be.

Of course like most Grenada beaches, during the weekdays and even on weekends you will feel like this long strip of sand is all yours. But before you take the plunge at Bathway beach be sure to read this …

When you’re at Bathway you get a bonus!! Only a couple minutes away is another one of Grenada’s very special spots.

6. La Sagesse Beach

Any list of the top Grenada Beaches won’t be complete withoutan option for the romantic birds.

grenada beaches la sagesse

If you want quiet time with that special someone, then La Sagesse can be your beach. Most people come here when they do not want to be seen, or disturbed.

It’s an absolute gem, off the beaten path, with a good seafood restaurant and guest house at the main entrance. Click Here to find out more about this secluded spot

Other Grenada Beaches

  1. Levera Beach
  2. Paradise Beach Carriacou

What’s Your Favorite Grenada Beach?

Don’t like my favorite Grenada Beaches? Or maybe you like them for another special (secret) reason? No problemo!… Just use the form below to share YOUR favorite Grenada Beach.

Click below to see contributions from other visitors …

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  1. mike, will have one day in Grenada, arriving on a cruise ship. Would like to go to a close, safe, great snorkeling beach — what do you suggest, and
    how easy is it to get there?

  2. Gooch, we will be visiting Grenada for only one day arriving by cruise ship. Is there a nice beach close to the cruise ports. Is there transportation available. I would like to go to the best beach if not too far away.

    1. Mike,
      Plenty of transportation available. And the beach you want is Grand Anse, it’s the most popular and considered the best by many. It’s about 15 mins drive from the Cruise ship terminal

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