Grand Anse Beach Restaurant

This Restaurant is now Closed. Check out Umbrellas Beach Bar it’s right next door.

A Secret Grand Anse Beach Restaurant

You won’t read about this Grand Anse Beach Restaurant in any Grenada travel brochure, and it won’t be on your hotel’s top list of Grenada Restaurants… heck they probably don’t even know it exists. But this restaurant, ran by a group of women on the old St. George’s University (SGU) campus, on Grand Anse Beach, serves up some of the yummiest Grenadian food you will find anywhere on the island. No frills and fluffs, no garnish and varnish, just plain old Grenadian food just the way their Moms, Grand Moms and Auntie thought them to cook it.

One of the Cooks (red head gear) pose with my friends as they chow down on some Chicken melting pot sports bar and grill

I’m talking about :

  • Curry Chicken, Curry Beef
  • Beef/ Chicken Roti
  • Brown Chicken Stew,
  • Stewed Fish, Baked Fish, Fry Fish
  • Pumpkin, Callaloo, Vegetables
  • Fried plantains
  • Macaroni Pie
  • Rice and Peas
  • Oildown (Grenada’s national dish)
  • And the usual international suspects (sandwiches, fries, pizza, etc.)

Are you hungry yet?


Now this is no place for a romantic dinner, in fact they don’t do dinner. There is nothing fancy about the place itself, its open air but covered. It’s right smack on the beach with a lovely view of St. George’s and up the North West Coast.

melting pot sports bar and grill

If you looking for something with all the bells and whistles don’t waste your time. All you will get here is tasty Grenadian Cuisine the way Grenadians prepare and serve it… and a few international items if you must have that.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the ladies close up shop during the summer when the students are on vacation. Remember that when traveling to Grenada in the summer time.

Just wanted to make that point.

So when you are on Grand Anse Beach and the hunger bites, head to the Medical School Campus. Its between Coyaba Hotel and Aquanauts Dive Shop. You can ask for the Thomas Sisters, three of the women who do their magic in the kitchen. Or you can ask for Ms. Rosie, another master cook… she’s been there the longest. They each run their own independent eatery under the same roof.

A Little History

Before the SGU Medical School moved from Grand Anse Beach to the new campus in True Blue, this was the main campus for all students, and the restaurant was established specifically to service the medical students. I can remember late afternoons when all tables will be packed for dinner, lively chatter everywhere, and captivating aroma that will make your mouth water.

Oh and if you are wondering whether there is a connection between the Med School and the US Invasion, the answer is Yes. Back in the Regan Era in 1983 US troops invaded Grenada to rescue about 21 students studying at this very campus of the St. George’s University School of Medicine.

After the main campus moved to True Blue the women continued to cook for the general public and the few remaining staff at the old campus.

One of the Thomas Sisters conversing with her guests.
The kitchen is at the center of the restaurant, so you can see the cooks at work. melting pot sports bar and grill

I’ve been eating at that place since I was in High School. Every Friday we would hit the beach, and we look forward to the Pizza from Ms. Rosie (yes they can make Pizza too) as much as the we looked forward to beach. I still think that the best Pizza I’ve had in Grenada was from this wonderful Grand Anse Eatery, even better than Ricks Cafe. That was a long, long time ago but I’m sure it’s still tasty as ever.

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  1. Its GONE!
    SGU removed this eatery in July of 2011. It has recently been converted into a picnic pavillion.

    It was fabulous and the students (and many locals) miss it dearly. Poor decision on SGU’s part!!

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