Grand Anse Beach

As a young boy growing up, nothing could compare to a day on Grand Anse Beach. I love that beach … the sand goes forever in both directions, and with the exception of public holidays, grand anse beach is never crowded … it feels like it’s all mine.

grand anse beach kids building sand castle grenada beaches

My friends and I practically lived in the water, emerging only for snacks, or to play in the warm sand.

At the end of the day our fingers and lips will be wilted from the exposure, but to us it was always worth it.

Grand Anse beach can have that effect on you … it makes kids feel at home, and adults feel like kids again.

Grand Anse Quick Facts

  1. 2 miles white sand beach to swim, snorkel, sun bathe or whatever you please
  2. 10 – 15 minutes from airport, so you can be in the water within an hour
  3. Grenada’s most popular beach and tourist attraction
  4. Located in the the heart of hotel district, that means easy access, and beach everyday
  5. Available dive shops, water sports, vendors market, restaurants & bars … everything at your finger tips

Grand Anse Beach Videos

Grand Anse beach is visual subject matter, so it’s much better to watch, see, and experience it, than to write, and talk about it. So this is where I shut up (at least for a little bit), and where you start your sneak preview of things to come

Two quick minutes of people having fun on Grand Anse Beach … along with some really cool Reggae music


Let’s tap the beat up a bit with some sweet steel pan music and two more minutes of Grand Anse Beach fun …

Choosing the Best Spot

With two miles of perfect white sand there is something for everyone. You can sub divide grand anse beach in three parts: The South Side, The Park Side, The North Side, each is as lovely as the other but suit different tastes.

  1. The South Sidegrand anse beach spice island inn grenada beaches

    Stroll down to the south end and you are sure to see a few couples enjoying the scenery and each others company.

    Insert yourself in these beach chairs. The further south you go on grand anse beach the more secluded it gets.

    The famous and pricey Spice Island Inn Resort is located on this side, so it is normal to see guests enjoying the beach. But it is still the quietest, and most private part of Grand Anse Beach.


  2. The Park SideUse the Camahogne Park entrance to get to The Park Side. Here’s a few things about this part the beach:

    grand anse beach view of st. george grenada beaches

    • Most accessible entry point if you are not driving. The bus stop is a 3 minute stroll away.
    • Most convenient parking
    • It’s the middle of the beach … easy to go South Side or North Side from here
    • Favorite spot of the Locals
    • Shopping Mall right across the street

    Here is a shot of the capital St George across the waters in the distance, from directly in front of the Park Side entrance.

    This is one of the things that make Grand Anse beach so special … the view of the green rolling hills and the back drop of the city.

  3. The North Sidegrand anse beach vendors market grenada beachesFurther up on the North side you will find mainly hotel guests soaking up the Grenadian sunshine. This side of Grand Anse Beach can be filed with beach chairs and tourists when several cruise ships are in port.

    The vendors market is also on the this side of the Grand Anse beach. There you can do some shopping for local crafts, spices and apparel, that make great gifts. So even if you prefer the Park Side or South Side, you might want to swing by the vendors market and see what tickles your fancy.

Braids, Serenade and Straw Hats …

Wherever you might be on the beach expect a kind vendor or two to come by and offer to braid your hair, serenade you with local calypso, or maybe make you an authentic coconut straw hat on the spot. Its all part of the Grand Anse experience. If you are not interested a polite no thank you is normally enough to get the vendor to move along.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for such an interesting site, I am due to visit Grenada in October 2012 we have been to many places in the Carribean but we are really looking forward to this trip. We are staying on Gran Anse and will be touringthe island lots. If anyone over there is struggling to start up a buisness then I suggest motor bike/quad bike rentals, many people from outside Grenada enquiring about this but seems no one on the island does this rental.

    God bless you all,

  2. Hello I am enjoying your site, and am dreaming of calm waters and white beaches. I might be visiting Granada this Dec for 10 days and would like your suggestion on a not-to-big resort or villa on beach, that has a pool, is easy access to a couple of restaurants, and mostly has a great swimming beach with only little waves. Nice but not top of the line. thank you ellen white weir

  3. Hello
    your web site is superb
    I am in Grenada 22nd April (sea princess cruise)
    I cannot decide which beach and restaurant to have lunch at
    they all sound beautiful
    this sounds a wonderful place
    thank you for all your tips and advice

    Deborah Baker and Raymond Ronan

  4. We will be visiting in March on a ship and plan on visiting Grand Anse beach. We heard about the Grand Anse Beach Restaurant. what I am wondering is what part of the beach is it near. I also want to let you know I enjoy your site. Thank you, Gerry

  5. Hi. If I take the water taxi from the cruise port to Grand Anse beach, where does it leave me off – south side, park side, or north side? Is that the best way to get to the beach from the cruise port? I will be on a Celebrity ship.

    1. North Side close to the vendors market, there is a jetty there. I won’t say it’s the best, thats a matter of personal preference. It’s probably a more enjoyable ride than taking the bus, but it will cost more. It’s also the fastest. Not sure which is cheaper — a taxi/cab ride or a water-taxi. Just know that all three options are available to you. Also some visitors who don’t like mingling / rubbing elbows (literally) with locals find the bus ride quite interesting.

  6. Hello Gooch

    Brilliant website, and so informative – You do your island proud.

    My wife and myself will be visiting Grenada in Jan 2011 – part of our cruise itinerary, and we cannot wait. In your opinion, on Grand Anse Beach who does the best Rum Punch?


    1. Hi Chris,
      I’m glad you like the website and find it informative.
      Well for Rum Punch I would suggest you go one beach over to Morne Rouge Beach (BBC) and find Unwind. Rocky the owner makes the best Rum Punch I’ve had on the island. As for Grand Anse Beach long time ago Grand Beach Hotel made a great Rum Punch but I have not tried it in years. So basically you get to be the judge, sample as many as possible from different places and then you tell us which one you liked best.

      Happy Cruising…. you gonna love Grenada.

  7. Gooch,
    You have done a marvelous job with this site. My wife and I will be visiting next week and we both are excited to use your tips as to how best enjoy Grenada. It has been a desire for some time to see Grenada, and from what I have read on your site and others, I can not wait to to enjoy a lovely beach with a Carib and meet the friendly people of this country.
    Thanks for the great information!

  8. Hey Gooch, thanks so much for all the info. We will be visiting your lovely island in January as part of our cruise and really look forward to it. Haven’t decided what beach to spend the day on yet but it looks like we can’t go wrong.

    1. Hi Mike & Di,
      Grand Anse is the most popular and convenient, but you are right it’s hard go wrong when it comes to beaches in Grenada, you are bound to find one that’s a good match to your preferences.

      Happy Cruising.

  9. hello 🙂 at the moment my mum is in Grenada for 3 weeks without me and i spoke to her on the phone last night she said right now im on grand ans. beeches and she said it its more than a dream it paradise i cannot wait to go for a month for christmas it just going to be amazing!

  10. Gooch,

    I’m very much impressed by your love for Grenada and what it offers, including its great beaches.
    I’m a Grenadian by brith and live on the island, at present.

    I think your website is refreshing and presents Grenada for what it is – a beautiful island; so many things to do and so many places to visit, including attraction sites.
    Just recently, I learned about Pink Gin Beach through my work as a broadcaster.
    I’m on a quest, Gooch – to learn much more about the land of my birth – its history, culture, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, forests, mountains – you name it!

    Even though developments are taking place, the authorities are ensuring the island is not over-commercialized to take away from its unspoilt beauty.
    The fact still is – Grenada’s people are its greatest resource – friendliness in abundance!
    Travel writers with whom I’ve spoken say Grenada is among the most favourite islands in the Caribbean.

    Frankly, if you ask me – Grenada is THE PLACE!!!
    Hear this – I learn about people who have not even visited Grenada, yet they are madly in love with the island…through reading/research on the internet.
    Thank you, Gooch – for informing and educating us about Grenada – the Spice of the Caribbean.
    God’s mercies and blessings.

    Kenroy Baptiste
    Anchor, GBN Television News, Grenada.
    Radio/TV Broadcaster

    1. Hi Kenroy,
      You are most welcome. I absolutely enjoy sharing Grenada with the rest of the world. Thanks for your comments, I can feel your passion for Grenada through your words. As you continue on your quest to learn more abut Grenada, please feel free to stop by and share what you learned with us.
      Kindest Regards

  11. hi, I stumbled onto to your wonderful site, and just love the music to it. It realely makes me want to visisit Grenada! I was hping you can email me back withthe info on the band and song. I would really appreciate it.

    1. Jose,
      Thank You. Hope you do visit some day. I will try to find the details of the music and email it to you…
      Kind Regards

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