Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach… Is it Worth Missing The Ferry?

We heard so many good things about Paradise Beach that we were willing to risk missing our Ferry just to spend a few minutes on this Carriacou Beach.

paradise beach carriacou

Our only regret while visiting Carriacou was not having more time to spend on Paradise Beach.

After an exciting morning on a Carriacou Tour, followed by a delicious lunch at Callaloo’s Restaurant, it was almost time to catch the Osprey Ferry back to Grenada.

After lunch we grab a bus in Hillsborough, and within 10 minutes we were strolling down paradise beach, sand between toes, looking for the perfect spot, a spend a few minutes.

Paradise Beach is all Yours

One thing I can say with absolute certainty about Paradise Beach, and all Grenada Beaches for that matter is that on a weekday you would have the beach almost entirely to yourself.

I counted one couple and two teenagers, add them to the three of us and that’s seven people sharing about a one mile long strip gorgeous Caribbean white sand. I don’t know about you but that felt like a good deal.

The contrast between the green shade trees, the white sand, and the turquoise waters is paradise beach signature. Add the islands just off shore, and the mound capping off the south end, and paradise beach will always be a winner in any beach lovers book.

Here are some pictures we took on Paradise Beach:

paradise beach carriacou grenada beachesMia getting her feet wet
paradise beach carriacou grenada beachesLooking North
paradise beach carriacou grenada beaches fidel productionsLooking out towards Sandy Island
paradise beach carriacou grenada beaches fidel productionsHere are two of the other four people on the beach that day
paradise beach carriacou grenada beaches fidel productionsRyian checking out the calm crystal clear water
paradise beach carriacou grenada beaches fidel productionsAnother island off Paradise Beach

Carriacou Crafts and Souvenirs

Enjoying what little time we had on Paradise beach, I flirted with the idea of missing our ferry. And that was actually a nice thought. After all who won’t mind getting left in Paradise. But alas we had to rush back.

While waiting for the bus we happened upon this cute little establishment selling local crafts, and casual wear. It is located right off the main road at paradise beach. The setup is out of a shipping container. Quite ingenious if you ask me.

paradise beach carriacou grenada beaches fidel productionsConch Shells
paradise beach carriacou grenada beaches fidel productionsAwesome Artwork
paradise beach carriacou grenada beachesand Brilliant Colors
paradise beach carriacou grenada beachesMore decorative bowls, trays, etc
paradise beach carriacou grenada beachesDon’t leave without a cool T-shirt or bag
paradise beach carriacou grenada beaches
Check out the Bargain Box… its also a great land mark for this gift shop

Hardwood Bar

Right across from the Souvenir Gift shop is the Hardwood Bar and Restaurant. And although we did not get a chance to drop in, I can tell from the action on the patio, that Hardwood Bar looks like a fun spot on paradise beach.

carriacou paradise beach hardwood bar grenada beaches

Panicking… No Bus in Sight

Okay, it’s been like 10 minutes waiting and still no bus… clock is ticking away and my Ferry is no doubt about to leave without us. Assurance from the attendant at the gift shop that a bus will soon arrive is not helping at all… I am really getting nervous now!!

carriacou paradise beach grenada beaches
Empty Road… where’s that Damn Bus!!

Finally, a bus stopped, it’s Norbert our Carriacou Tour Guide, but he’s headed in the opposite direction. I had a quick decision to make:

  • Go with Norbert – that meant a guaranteed seat on a bus, but lost of valuable time traveling further south before he heads back to the Ferry.
  • Gamble – continue to wait of a bus headed towards the Ferry that is not already filled.

Well I was never a good gambler… we went with Norbet (it helped that he was confident he will make it back in time). So we got an unexpected glimpse of the south side of the island-although to be honest my mind kept flashing images of our ferry pulling out just as we made it back to the jetty.

Luckily that did not happen. But we sure cut it close. Norbert dropped us off, and within 3 minutes the Osprey Ferry departed… Phew!!! If Norbert had made one more stop we probably would not have made it. No room for error!!!

Feeling cheated (through no ones fault) I vow to make my next Carriacou day trip a Paradise Beach day trip. We had a great time here (just too short) and I think so will you.

What About your day on Paradise Beach?

Did you also have a delightful day(s) on Paradise Beach? What did you like best? Or maybe you’ve discovered an even better Carriacou Beach-there are are many. We all will love to hear about it, so don’t keep us in suspense-tell us what’s your favorite Carriacou Beach or Why you love Paradise Beach.

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