Best Grenada Hotels and Accommodation Options

Grenada Hotels, and other Alternative Grenada Accommodations You Should Cosider

The Grenada Hotel, Villa, Apartment or Guesthouse you choose will have a huge impact on your stay in Grenada.

Below I’ve assembled a mini Grenada Hotels and Accommodations guide to help you make the best choice based on your taste and affordability.

A few things to note first:

  1. Most Grenada hotels are located only minutes from the airport on the south west coast, next to the best Grenada beaches on the island. This also gives you great accessibility to the best restaurants and, the capital city of St. George.
  2. However, Grenada accommodations are not restricted to the south west coast, as many think. You will find a few off the beaten path gems in other parts of the islands.
  3. Visit the Interactive Grenada Map to find exactly where hotels are located and what’s nearby.

Okay, let’s get started. There are too many Grenada Hotels, Villas, Apartments, etc for me to list them all here. So what I’ve done is pull together a list of those I have personally visited (to dine and hang out), and those that I heard very good things about. The list will grow with time.

These will at least get you started. Any of one of the many Grenada Hotels or accommodations that did not make my list, may still be an excellent choice. There are many online resources you can use to pull up a full listing of Grenada Hotels, if you need to see more.

Grenada Accommodation – Villas and Apartments

Olga’s Home Stay Bed & Breakfast

Olga's grenada bed and breakfast villa accommodation national stadium hotel

Are you the kind of traveler who prefers to stay among the locals so you can truly experience the island the way they do? Then Olga’s gives you that opportunity and more.

Olga’s is located in a scenic village very close to the National Stadium, the main town St. George’s, and several popular attractions. This quaint, affordable lodging, is perfect for couples, or the solo traveler. Click here to read more about Olga’s.

Spice Retreat Villa

Spice Retreat a Grenada VillaA beautiful sanctuary nestled in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Lance Aux Epines in  St.George’s.  This spacious 3 bedroom house has everything you will need and it is in the heart  of the one of the most vibrant parts of Grenada.

With numerous dining options, easy access to transport round the clock and miles of white  sandy beaches to choose from it’s hard to beat Spice Retreat for your Grenada Vacation.

Click here to check out a more detailed overview of this Grenada Villa.

Sunrise Villa

Sunrise Villa Grenada From the daily sunrise, to the Atlantic Ocean views there’s no mistaking that you are on a Caribbean vacation in Grenada when you are at Sunrise Villa in Fort Jeudy.

This Grenada villa has all the modern conveniences, an excellent location, and it boasts some of the most spectacular views.

Click here to explore Sunrise Villa pics, and learn more…


Herons Flight Villa

herons flight grenada villa hotel accommodation

Grenada’s Hotels don’t work for everyone. Maybe you want more privacy, or maybe you are traveling in a larger group, if so then click here because this Grenada Villa might be just what you are looking for.

Herons Flight is both attractive and affordable, it has many amenities and is close enough to the well known hot spots.

Grenada Hotels and Resorts

4 Star Hotel

Coyaba Beach Resort

Coyaba Beach Resort Grenada HotelWouldn’t it be refreshing to stay in a 4-star Caribbean resort that gives honor to its place’s ancient traditions and customs? With an outstanding Arawak Indian-influenced design, Coyaba Beach Resort stands in magnificence, a unique sight to behold along that short but beautiful strip, known around the world, Grand Anse Beach. …

Area: Grand Anse Beach
from 293.00


4 Star Hotel

LaLuna Resort

LaLuna Resort Grenada HotelIt’s not a true getaway when there are big crowds around, don’t you agree? This is the philosophy that LaLuna upholds, which is why it offers its abode to only a low number of guests. This is not to say that the hotel is a snob, as each guest is treated with that trademark Caribbean hospitality. It is located on Dr. Grooms Beach, …

Area: Grand Anse Beach
from 495.00


4 Star Hotel

LaSource Hotel

LaSource Grenada HotelIf you’re in much need of time in seclusion, you can seek respite from the prestigious LaSource, located on Pink Gin Beach on the southern tip of Grenada. It is found only five minutes from Grenada’s International Airport so you won’t have to wait long or travel too far to enter the sanctuary of lush, tropical gardens bordered …

Area: Pink Gin Beach
from 470.00


Rex Grenadian Grenada HotelThe Grenadian understands that vacationers appreciate being given choices, which is why the resort offers options for relaxation and for exciting activities. Located in St. Georges, it features two white sand beaches; one for sun-worshippers who wish to laze around while working on their tan and another for water sports enthusiasts …

Area: Magazine Beach
from 191.00


Mount Cinnamon Beach Resort Grenada HotelAt Mount Cinnamon Grenada Resort, you are welcomed by a bright, cheery, and youthful aura emanating from its friendly staff and chic, modern décor. What makes this boutique resort unique is its hillside location, which means cool winds, refreshing greenery, and sweeping views of the clear, turquoise seas of the Grand Anse Beach. Mount Cin…

Area: Grand Anse Beach
from 440.00


The Calabash Grenada HotelWhat The Calabash Hotel and Villas is most proud of is not its luxurious ambience or its beautifully manicured tropical gardens or its gorgeous powdery white sand beach. What gives The Calabash utmost pride is its staff, friendly, hospitable, and accommodating, always at the beck and call of the guests, with a ready smile that stems out of…

Area: : L’Anse Aux Epines Beach
from 388.00


2 Star Hotel

True Blue Bay Resort

True Blue Bay Resort Grenada HotelTrue Blue Bay Resort is a charming, family-run, boutique resort. Expect an easy dose of warm hospitality, none of that stiff and rigid service that commercial resorts and hotels provide. The resort exudes an aura of romance, making it a great choice for couples, and yet is wholesome and equipped with plenty of activities that the whole fam…

Area: True Blue
from 134.00


Gem Holiday Beach Resort Grenada HotelGem Holiday Beach Resort sure picked out the right name for their Caribbean sanctuary. Visiting guests describe the resort as a true gem to be discovered. What you will notice when you get to the resort is the diversity of its guests, ranging from little kids frolicking on the beach to honeymooning couples to individuals on a soul-searchin…

Area: Morne Rouge Beach
from 110.00


Le Phare Bleu Grenada HotelThere is a strong familial vibe going on at Le Phare Bleu Marina & Boutique Hotel, giving guests a sense of belonging. It can be attributed to the personalized hospitality that each of the staff extends to the vacationers. Imagine arriving late on your honeymoon, yet being welcomed warmly by the manager herself armed with a bottle of …

Area: Edgemont
from 214.00


3 Star Hotel

Cabier Ocean Lodge

Cabier Ocean LodgeCabier Ocean Lodge is wonderfully embraced by the Caribbean Sea, where it can be viewed in three spectacular angles. Imagine a picture-perfect view of palm trees swaying gracefully to the rhythm of the breeze, a gorgeous backdrop to the clear turquoise waters where guests love to take a dip. Then from another angle are the coral reef…

Area: St. David’s
from 170.00


Almost Paradise CottagesThere is no doubt that tourists are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation in Grenada, but here’s a thought, wouldn’t you want to stay in a lodging that is different from what you would find in other parts of the globe? Say, wooden Creole cottages painted with bright colors, with wrought iron finishes that allow for natural ….

Area: St. Patricks
from 88.00


2 Star Hotel

Allamanda Beach Resort

Allamanda Beach ResortA vacation that makes you break a bank doesn’t feel much of a vacation, does it? At Allamanda Beach Resort, you don’t have to blow big bucks for a memorable Caribbean getaway. With a strategic location right on the renowned Grand Anse Beach, clean and comfortable rooms, plenty of choices for fun-filled adventures, you …

Area: Grand Anse Beach
from 140.00


>Casa Bella Bed & BreakfastVacationers sometimes face the anxiety of being away from home, its warmth, comforts, and conveniences, especially during long days of travel. Casa Bella Bed & Breakfast eases travelers’ worries by embracing them in luxurious comfort. The bed and breakfast is run and owned by a couple, Odessa and Ray, who personally oversee …

Area: Lance aux Epines
from 85.00


Grooms Beach Villas and ResortGrooms Beach Villas and Resort proves that you don’t need to blow big bucks to enjoy a true-blue Caribbean vacation. Conveniently located just a 15-minute walk from Point Salines International Airport, you can run straight down to the golden sands and turquoise waters of Dr. Grooms beach. Lounge in seclusion in two beaches very near …

Area: Dr. Grooms Beach
from 80.00


Grenada Grand Beach ResortGrenada Grand Beach Resort is situated on Grenada’s most famous beach, Grand Anse Beach. It is located right in the middle of it all, 7 minutes away from Maurice Bishop International Airport and also 7 minutes away from the capital city of St. Georges. The resort is ideal for vacationers who want to achieve the right balance of …

Area: Grand Anse Beach
from 145.00


The Flamboyant Hotel & VillasGrenada is blessed with abundant, golden sunshine the whole year round, kissing the turquoise seas and painting the most beautiful horizon. The Flamboyant Hotel & Villas is one of the best places to take in all the beauty of the Caribbean. It is found only three miles from the Point Salines Airport and four miles from the city capital…

Area: Grand Anse Beach
from 180.00


Coral Cove Cottages and ApartmentsWhen you ask people what is that one luxury that seems to be rather simple yet almost unattainable, many answer with “reading”. There’s just too much to do, too much noise, and too much distraction. Coral Cove Cottages and Apartments caters to people with that kind of need, the need to get away and get lost in a world where undisturbed…

Area: Lance aux Epines
from 110.00


3 Star Hotel

Kalinago Beach Resort

Kalinago Beach ResortKalinago Beach Resort pays homage to the natives of the Caribbean, the Kalinago, not only by putting it up in its name, but also by offering local and foreign guests its tradition of hospitality. Kalinago blood flows in the veins of the family who owns and operates the resort. The resort aims …

Area: Morne Rouge Beach
from 147.00


1 Star Hotel

Twelve Degrees North

Twelve Degrees NorthThere may possibly be no guests in Grenada who are more spoiled than the guests at Twelve Degrees North. Imagine having your own personal housekeeper/cook who arrives at your specified time, prepares you a West Indian breakfast, or what you may prefer, and serves it on your balcony so you can fill your tummy as you greet the …

Area: L’Anse aux Epines
from 165.00


1 Star Hotel

The Lodge

the-lodgeThe Lodge is a vegan’s piece of heaven on earth. The owners take pride in being a member of It’s A Green Green World and in being the only 100% vegan lodging in all of the Caribbean. So what can one expect from a vegan establishment? Vegan cuisine? Vegan housekeeping? Yes and yes, but there’s still so much more. The Lodge gives off …

Area: Morne Jaloux
from 75.00


Spice Island Beach ResortUndoubtedly, there are many beautiful resorts on the Caribbean, but what makes Spice Island Beach Resort a repeat favorite among its guests is its unfaltering ability to deliver on all fronts – hospitality, food, ambience. The resort derives its name from Grenada’s history of being the spice capital of the Caribbean, as different …

Area: Grand Anse Beach
from 914.00


South Winds Apartments & CottagesWhen you think of the Caribbean, you think of clear turquoise seas, the most exquisite beaches, rich tropical forests, and a dynamic cuisine. Only the most beautiful things come up to mind when the Caribbean is mentioned. However, all these beautiful things can rather be intimidating, with most travellers thinking how expensive it …

Area: Grand Anse Beach
from 65.00


2 Star Hotel

Siesta Hotel

Siesta HotelSiesta Hotel couldn’t have picked a more apt word to put up in its name. Siesta, which is Spanish for a quick afternoon nap, is the vibe going around at the hotel. The property seems to pull you in and urge you to let go of your worries and sink into relaxation. Perched on a delicate, lush hillside, guests enjoy a cool climate and …

Area: Morne Rogue Beach
from 120.00


1 Star Hotel

Petite Anse Hotel

Petite Anse HotelImagine lounging on the sand, the golden sun kissing your tanned skin as coconut trees sway gracefully to the rhythm of the cool wind. Picture-post card moment that is actually the typical setting on the beach of Petite Anse Hotel. A hideaway in its truest sense, the hotel is located in St. Patrick, far from the maddening, vacationing …

Area: Morne Rogue Beach
from 190.00


4 Star Hotel

Mango Bay Cottages

Mango Bay CottagesWhat inspired Mango Bay Cottages’ name is the abundance of mango trees in the area; that sweet, juicy and fleshy tropical fruit. But it’s not all mango trees; there are banana trees and exotic flower-bearing plants scattered all over the property. Mango Bay Cottages offers its guests escape in its truest sense. There are no throngs …

Area: St. John’s
from 110.00


4 Star Hotel

Maca Bana

Maca BanaIf you’re looking for a Caribbean vacation that not only relaxes the mind and body but also nourishes the soul, Maca Bana is the perfect place. Located on Magazine Beach in Point Salines in the capital city of St. Georges, it is a sanctuary like no other. Maca Bana prides itself in being an eco-resort, switching from fossil fuel to …

Area: Magazine Beach
from 310.00


Lance Aux Epines CottagesLance Aux Epines Cottages has been in operations for about 40 years, its length in the industry alone should tell you what a success the place is; while accounts of customers who have been coming back for the past decades would have you sold on the idea that it is an excellent choice for a Caribbean getaway. Guests have plenty of space …

Area: Lance Aux Epines Beach
from 135.00


Wave Crest Holiday ApartmentsGrenada is famous for its dynamic character collectively imparted by the clear turquoise seas, the exotic flora and fauna, the spices and flavours, and the smiles of the friendly locals All of these elements contribute in making a memorable Grenadian vacation. Some travellers want to be in the middle of it all, yet not right smack in …

Area: Grand Anse
from 70.00



  1. I am looking into St. George’s medical school and would like to ask you if you know of pet friendly (dog) housing in proximity of the school. Please advise. Any other advice about life Grenada would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Ilona,
      thank you for the comment. I do not know of any dog friendly housing close to SGU. Maybe other readers can comment.
      Good Luck with your search and let us know if you find something you like.

  2. @ Hotels Grenada
    Thanks for the comment on Petite Anse… I’ve heard nothing but good things about that place so far, and plan to pay them a visit on my next trip. Hope you enjoyed other parts/ things about Grenada as well.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Gooch,

    I have to agree with Amanda. I had such an amazing time at Petite Anse. Philip and Annie are absolutely fantastic.

    They’ve been featured on Trip Adviser and for good reason =) Otherwise I am loving your website. It was extremely helpful when I was planning my trip to Grenada.

  4. Hi Neville (Gooch),

    Great website man. When I came across your website I thought you were a hotel owner and living in Grenada. Typical Caribbean thing eh having a pen/nick name too. If you were like me, it may have been one of your friends or parents who called you by that name then it just stuck. Mine’s cyphas.

    Anyway, I’ve seen you mentioned some great villas in Grenada but not any “Luxurious ” ones. My recommendation is Winward at Prickly Bay

    Having left the Caribbean over a decade now, the British weather here makes me appreciate that back home. It’s not your typical holiday hotel – It’s living the life some movie stars enjoy. The boat is great sport…for men -leaving the wife behind to enjoy herself at the spa.
    How often do you go back there? I’m from Vincy but looking to explore the entire Caribbean (before I’m too old) 🙂

    All the best!

    1. Devereaux (Cyphas),
      Thanks for the comment. I actually just a couple days ago had another guest recommend Windward at Prickly Bay. Sounds like you had a fantastic time, and I’m glad you enjoyed the site. I try to get home at least once a year, mostly for Xmas. Exploring the Caribbean will keep you young, so start soon. As you now know Grenada and all the other islands am sure have much to offer. One day I’ll make it back to Vincy.

      Kindest Regards

  5. I would also like to add here Petite Anse Hotel in St Patrick´s,

    Owned by Philip and Annie Clift, it has the most breathtaking views over the Grenadine Islands. Their casual dress code means you don’t have to pack the entire wardrobe. Their chef Jamie is a treasure who makes EVERYTHING from scratch including sausages, a mouthwatering range of breads and many types of ice cream to name but a few. Most of the vegetables are actually grown in Philip and Annie’s garden which makes the hotel truly eco-friendly and macrobiotic to boot.

    It’s the most stunning drive to reach their idyllic honeymoon paradise, close to Levera Beach and the turtles too …

    They are Grenada’s No.1 hotel outside of St George’s area according to Trip Advisor and SERIOUSLY well deserve that fantastic accolade.

  6. Can anyone give me a review of Big Sky Lodge? Looking at their website the cabins, location and staff look very appealing, but I can’t find any reviews on it!

  7. Hi, love your website!!! Any suggestions this February…escaping the Olympics in Vancouver for 2 weeks. Dreaming of a beach view/front with kitchenette, non-resort beach front(ish) but not isolated(!) that will enable us to still pay our rent when we get home! We have searched and searched and many of the places are well over our budget or a little tooo secluded. W

    1. Hi Whitney,
      Glad you liked the site.

      Have you tried Lance Aux Epines Cottages I know someone who always stay there and loves it.. It’s right on a beach and not too secluded, hopefully it’s within your budget.

      If you cannot find something right smack dab on the beach within your price range then consider looking at something that’s a *little* further out but easily accessible, Grenada is so small that you are almost always 10 – 15 drive to a beach front.

      Regardless I do hope you make it to Grenada February to escape the frigid winter and raving fans. And if you do please send me a couple pics or tell me what you liked best about Grenada.

      Kindest Regards

  8. Hi John,
    Jenny’s Place has come up a few times in conversation, and I have seen signs/adverts here and there but I honestly do not have any first hand information about it. If you do hear from Nick he might be able to give you more information.

    As for shore fishing, there are a few places you can still do that in the south of the island (most likely close to where you will be staying) even though that area is quite built up. The challenge is that you will need someone who knows the area to guide you. Fort juedy, true blue, lance aux pines, point salines, quarantine station, edgemont, … all of these areas have decent spots but you have to know how to find them.

    You can give my friend Adrian at Native Spirit Scuba ( a call and he can sort you out with regards to snorkeling and fishing.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy the trip in stay in touch.

  9. Gooch,

    Thank you for the quick reply! BTW – Your website is great. Love all the photos and the details about great fun in Grenada. I had a friend tell me to also check out Jenny’s Place. Any feedback? The island looks like so much fun. My kids are way into snorkeling, so getting them off the beach will be a challenge. All of us love Rotis, so I enjoyed your article on them and we are looking forward to chowing down on a lot of them. The Friday Fish Fry is also high on my personal list. I am also interested in fishing while we are there. Do you know any good spots that I can fish from the shore or wade fish? I am also looking for local boat charters to try my hand at some offshore fishing. I hope that I am not throwing too many questions at you, it is just that we are excited about our trip and you have proven to be quite the expert.



  10. Hi John,
    Gooch from Grenada Beaches here. Thanks for your email. Take a look at Lanse Aux Pines Cottages a friend of mine always live there when she goes to Grenada. Here is a link to her site:

    I also copied Nick Hughes from, he is the man to talk to if you want to stay at a villa.

    If you do make it to Grenada please write back and let me know what you liked best.

    Kindest Regards

  11. Hi Gooch,

    We have never visited the beautiful island of Grenada. We are a family of 4 with 2 kids (ages 7 and 8). Do you know of any villas/cottages we should consider? We would like to be beach front and be able to snorkel right off the beach.

    Look forward to your recommendations.

    Thanks – John

  12. what about the Grand View Inn? Borders both Morne Rouge and Grand Anse – every room has a view of one or the other. Stayed there for two weeks… loved every minute.

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