Club Karma Grenada, So Far It’s All Good Karma

I had heard alot of buzz surrounding Grenada’s Club Karma, and when I first set foot in the Club I finally saw what all the excitement was about. It’s a top of the line Night Club, the best I’ve ever seen in Grenada.

My cousin says it reminds her of a Club in South Beach Miami, and if you know anything about South Beach that says a heck of a lot. Personally I find it to be on par with some of Washington DC’s popular night clubs.

My friends who frequent the Club all gave it rave reviews. So you can imagine my disappoint when all primed up, I got there only to find out that they were about to close for the night. Turns out I picked one of their College Night events, and apparently university policy required it to finish at 2:00 AM… at least that’s what I was told.

We got there around 1:45AM, after a Gouyave Fish Fridays and a Kudos hangout… Karma was practically empty. Must not have been the best night.

So on my next trip I intend to make up for that mishap.

Club Karma Location, Events, Anniversary

You will find Club Karma on the scenic and easily accessible Carenge in St. Georges. 10,000 sq.ft of partying space…. think you can handle it?

It’s been going strong for several months now and will soon celebrate it’s 1 Year Anniversary on November 1st.  So Happy Anniversary Club Karma and here’s to many many more bigger and better years.

Here is the quick low down on the events. Seems like Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are there big nights:


  • Wednesday – Bring your “A game” it’s Karaoke Time with drinks specials

  • Friday After Work – Heineken Happy Hour from 4PM – 9PM. Come unwind and knock back a Heinekin or two, or if you’re like me enjoy a beastly Cold Carib Beer (My favorite)

  • Friday Night – Dress casual and come party to your favorite music, ladies free before 12:30 AM (as usual always ladies free… why? 🙂 ).

  • Saturday Night – More partying, with inclusive drinks, and a tighter Dress Code in effect.

On some nights there are special events so my advice is to always call first to be sure what’s scheduled. 473-435-CLUB. I also heard a Sports Bar and Grill are in the works, and that sounds like a perfect addition.

So what about you, have you partied at Club Karma? What do you like or not like about it? Leave a comment below….


  1. Biggest and Best Club in the Islands. TGIF after work party every friday is mad!(over 1000 people by 7pm, never seen this before). Good security and excellent waterfront location. I love Karma

  2. Liming at Club Karma is like hanging out at a chill club in New York City. Once I was inside, I couldn’t believe I was still in Grenada. They had a fully stocked bar – not usual in Grenada – and a fantastic DJ from Trinidad. The dance floor was packed most of the night. There’s a smoking verandah – key! – and an area where you can sit and have a quiet drink if you’re not into dancing. It was one of the best nights out I’ve had in 3+ years in Grenada.

    The one funny thing I did notice was that there were WAY more men than women there. But that could have just been that night, I don’t know. 🙂

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