Creole Shack Karaoke

Last night I popped into the Creole Shack on the Carenage, and stumble onto a good Karaoke session. Every Friday and Saturday night there’s Karaoke at the Creole Shack, but on this particular night they hosted their annual Karaoke Contest.

My intended destination was Club Karma for the Ladies Free Night, but I got there early and decided to kill some time and a couple beers at the Creole Shack. The Creole Shack is adjacent to Club Karma.

I was curious why Creole Shack had so many people (mainly locals and a few tourists), all tables were occupied, and the bar was busy. Then I heard a Karaoke Contest was about to begin… $3000 on the line. Lucky me, my night was off to a good start.

The little entertainment was quite good, a fair mix of the talented and talentless.

I got so relaxed, and hooked on the Karaoke that when it was time to head up to Karma I was hesitant.

I finally left for Karma around 11:30PM, scouted around there a bit (things were still dead) and headed back down to catch some more Karaoke.

I did not forget my camera this time and got a couple clips… the lighting is bad, and the sound not great, but it will give you a feel for the atmosphere.

Click these links to learn more about the Creole Shack and its sister Restauruant the Melting Pot in Grenville.

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  1. i always wanted to do karaoke ,how do i get to be apart of it ,n do they sing any type of their choice ?cause i really want 2 b apart of this

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