I Love Grenada Michelle

Why Michelle Loves Grenada?

“Every time I visit Grenada I fall deeper in love with “My Island Paradise”.

  • I visit the beach every day, soak up the sun and watch the stunning sunsets.
  • At night I gaze into the heavens and marvel at the stars.
  • I even run in the rain and feel like I’m 12 years old again.

I wasn’t not born in Grenada, but I spent 6 years on this beautiful island as a young child. I return for the first time at age 18 and several times since.

rhum runner grenada

My most recent visit is the longest time I’ve spent on the island since my teenage years. I had a chance to explore the island, interact with the people and experience some of the many activities that Grenada has to offer.


My visit coincided with the height of election activities. I experienced the calm passion of the people as they debated politics on the beach and provided their opinions with humor on the radio.


My visit also coincided with a West Indies v Australia cricket match. I ran into a group of Trinidadians on the beach discussing the lost cricket match and drinking Johnny Walker Black to drown their sorrows.

This was their first time in Grenada and they commented on how impressed they were with the island. The people are friendly, the island is clean and pristine, the Grenada beaches are beautiful.

Island Tour

I took a bus tour around the island and visited the waterfalls, the Grenada Cocoa Factory and Grand Etang Lake. It took me back to my childhood as I watched kids diving and playing is a river next to the cocoa factory.

rhum runner grenada
Cccoa Tree

I re-learned how cocoa is processed … not much has changed in 30 years. I learned that Grenada now produces one of the best organic chocolate bars in the world.

rhum runner grenada

I also toured the island by water on the Rhum Runner boat. They served the best rum punch and BBQ chicken.

rhum runner grenada

We stopped at a secluded beach and took a swim. I learned that there are no private beaches in Grenada. Although there are many hotels and residences along the shores, all beaches must remain accessible to the public.

Night Club

One night, I visited Club Karma. Wow, I was truly impressed. It reminded me of a South Beach Miami club.

Plums & Mangoes

One more thing I must mention. My visit coincided with mango and plum season. It was about 20 years since I had a plum, so I went giddy. I had plums for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also had my fair share of mangoes and returned to the US with a few stews.

Oh Why? Why? Why?…

As always, I left Grenada thinking “Why?”

  • Why would anyone want to leave this island paradise?
  • Why does my vacation have to end?
  • Why am I in America?

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