My Best Grenada Car Rental Experience

I‘ve never rented a car in Grenada and not have some dissatisfaction in one form or another. And I’m not alone. Listen to my sister and her husband talk about their drama with a well known Grenada car rental company and you’ll either laugh or cry. So what’s the deal? Were we just unlucky, or do most of these car rental companies suck?

Well maybe a little of both, but I am more inclined to think that we were a bit on the unlucky side. The one good thing about bad luck is that sooner or later its bound to change. And last Christmas my luck changed for the better.

I finally found a Grenada Car Rental company that delivered what they promised, and they did so with warm cheerful service that was not only fitting of the holiday season, but any season.

I did not want to deal with the hassle of renting another car in Grenada, but I had little choice. I was going to be in Grenada for almost a month, and for that length of time you just got to have your own wheels. So I did what I’ve always done: I asked friends for recommendations. And this time I hit the jackpot!

I was referred to J&B Auto Rentals, a small business ran by Joan and Briggs, a Husband and Wife team.

J&B Auto Rentals Grenada, Photo Joan Owner
Joan the J in J&B Auto Rentals

Affordable Rates and Adequate Vehicle Availability

No sooner we pulled into the parking lot I knew this was going to be a different experience. The SUV’s are all in tip top condition,… a couple years old tops. No banged up jalopy here. And while their fleet is not massive, it was more than adequate for me to select a very nice Silver Honda CRV.

J&B Auto Rentals a Grenada Car Rental Company
A few of J&B Auto Rentals' SUVs

I only saw 4x4s / SUVs in the parking lot – 2 door and 4 door –¬† which are truly the best type of vehicle to use in Grenada. But I’ll bet they also have sedans and maybe even mini-vans if you need something bigger.

Their rates are affordable, and negotiable. In fact, my excellent Honda CRV from J&B Auto Rentals cost only a few dollars more per day than the Rundown, No AC, Broken Radio, Brakes Screeching, 2 door 4×4 that I received from another company a few years prior.

Closer View of My Honda CRV from J&B Auto Rental
Closer View of the Honda CRV I rented from J&B Auto Rental

Excellent Service

Joan is a true professional. She’s been in the car rental business in Grenada for several years. When you deal with her you will see that her commitment to good service really shines through. In Grenada I like dealing directly with the owner, I’m more confident that my questions and concerns will be addressed immediately. And this was definitely the case dealing with J&B Auto Rentals.

The service was fast. We were done with all the details in about 10-15 minutes (including time for friendly chit-chat). Joan very clearly walked me through the terms and conditions, and the necessary paper work. I didn’t have to worry about things like the temporary Grenada Drivers License which is mandatory, she handled all of that for me.

They are also equipped to handle all mainstream forms of payment. I used my Credit Card for the transaction and it was only charged at the end of the rental period. I was given a hard copy receipt, and one was also emailed to me.

Going the Extra Mile

I had to call Joan twice to extend the car rental period, and on both occasions this was hassle free – Joan thanked me for the heads up and just agreed to workout the details when I returned the car.

When it was time to return the rental, they came to pick it up at my residence. That was early afternoon, and when Joan found out that I was flying out early the next morning, she insisted that I keep the car, and turn it in at the Airport. A generous offer that I would have accepted had my plans been different.

Off course next time I will just arrange to do an airport pick-up and drop off. Or maybe I’ll have them drop it off for me at my residence. It’s great to have options. You can’t beat that for service, especially when it is accompanied by a warm voice and smile (something you don’t always get).

Two Thumbs Up for J&B Auto Rentals!!

It was really a pleasant experience dealing with  J&B Auto Rentals, and I will certainly use them in the future. Give them a try next time you are traveling to Grenada and need to rent a car. And be sure to write to me and let me know how they treated you.

For your convenience here is a contact form to reach Joan and Briggs. Let them know what your needs are and I’m sure they will do their best to please you, just as they did for me.

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  1. Hey…I found them easy to deal with. The process was slightly delayed because her response to my first email somehow went into my spam folder. Once we established contact everything flowed real smoothly. They delivered and picked up the car on time…and the vehicle was in tip-top shape- nice and clean.
    The cost was very reasonable compared with some other quotes that I got.

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