Grenada: What draws me in… A Review by Caribheat Part 1

A frequent Grenada visitor from Canada describes the things that make her time in Grenada and the Caribbean very special.

I do love the sound of the waves, the feel of my feet in the sand and the warmth, while at home it is cold.

But that is not primarily what draws me in… what keeps me in love with the Caribbean or specifically Grenada.

There is so much more and it is a challenge to try and express it in words; it comes from a feeling.

I am drawn to the “community” vibe that seems to exist so strongly on many islands.

I am drawn to the “laid back” nature of the culture, where people go about their days in an honest way, slowing for a chat or just to take a look around.

I love how development has not taken the driver seat, rather, development makes its impact, but catching up on “what about” is more important and it is not through facebook, twitter or text.

The children still run around and play using their creative minds, they frolic in the sea and parents sit back and observe rather than hover.

It is not perfect, there are still very real problems and I might suggest that they are growing at a displeasing rate with the global financial concerns.

It seems though, that while Canadian society continues to focus on the doom and gloom of it all and in achieving goals and success, life on many islands is still able to take time to spend Sunday at the beach with a hibachi, some drinks and family and friends.

For me, it is an ideal way of living life… one that I will be unlikely to achieve while living in the hectic frenetic life of my home here.

But something that I can slip into, for a short period of time each year and imagine that I belong to, and thankfully, be grateful that on several islands, I am welcomed to belong while I am there… this is what KEEPS drawing me in… .

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