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What’s Your Grenada Travel Story?

Reading Grenada Travel Stories is like putting your next Grenada Vacation on steroids (well almost). Not that your Grenada Vacation needs any boost, but you will agree that it is hard to read about a delicious lobster dinner at say True Blue Restaurant and not want to go have a bite yourself.

That’s what reading and writing Grenada Travel stories can do to you: They make your Grenada Vacation even more awesome!… So let’s here them

  • What was your favorite beach?
  • Where did you eat?
  • Why would you return?
  • What’s you #1 tip? — Here’s my tip to you: “You gotta try a Carib Beer

Ready, Set, Let’s Go!

To share your Grenada Travel stories just type in the form below and I will turn your story into it’s very own web page so everyone can read it.

Remember the drama is in the details, so don’t leave out the juicy stuff.

Check out these Grenada Travel Story

1 comment

  1. Sugar cane

    Slim, lean.
    Tall and wispy –
    leaves swaying
    exposing shades
    green to mellow yellow

    Strong stalks
    ring around rings
    a jagged joint a
    pocket-full of
    white-silk juices –

    teasing taste buds
    salivating to drink
    sugar cane juices

    that makes rum
    so strong
    that makes mouth
    sweetly surrender

    to a cane joint
    a socket full
    white silk juices…

    Sugar Cane

    Louise François (Composed while holidaying at her uncle’s place – Plains, St Patrick, Grenada) Dec 2009

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