Land of Spice where Everything was Nice!

A Vacation Review by the Clarkson Family From Canada

Hi there, we are from Canada, and we enjoyed the beautiful island of Grenada. It truly was an island of spice where everyone is nice. My husband and two kids (9 and 6) visited Grenada for the first time for one full week of relaxation and sightseeing. We loved it. We had a plan for everyday of the week, and made it to see the beauty of this island.

Grenada, amazingly is large, and in about half day trips, we saw lush and mountainous views, surrounded by the ocean. Wow!! What a sight it was.

We miss Grenada very much already and the kids remember everything we did

The countryside, and the friendliness of the people were wonderful.

The kids loved seeing Grenada’s culture, and the bus ride around the island was an experience to remember. We also took a taxi which was easier for us to certain spots, like the chocolate factory, where we were given a tour, and a lot of information about how cocoa is processed (we actually walked on cocoa beans barefoot).

Grenada we shall return, with your beauty, Grand Anse Beach, the lush greenery of your island, and the friendliness of your people…. keep smiling, and we miss you, land of spice.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Walking on cocoa beans, now that is an experience you won’t find everywhere. Thanks for taking the time to share a great review with us. Hope you travel to Grenada again real soon.

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