The Healing Effect of Grenada

Sometimes a Grenada vacation can be more than just fun, it can be restorative, and even transformational.  Here is a review by Amanda from Spain. She shares a bit about how she felt before and after her Grenada Vacation. Thank You Amanda.

The answer to the question of “shall we go to Grenada?” is definitely, resoundingly, a deep and heartfelt OH YES!

noid-grenadaI went to Grenada, in my own words, a broken person. I had reached a crisis point in my life that I couldn’t see a way round. Life had become unworkable, and I needed to get away from everything to try and find some perspective.

Grenada, in many ways, might have thought twice about having me had they known just how exhausted and out of touch with myself I had become. I have to give incredible credit and thanks to the Grenadians who put up with too many rants, and to the wonderful Mandy Burton, one of Gerry Copsey’s fabulous team of employees at Just Grenada for listening so carefully to what I needed – you don’t often see that kind of love in today’s internet-based tourism industry and it was exactly what I needed.

THANK YOU – ALL of you.

You will simply never know what you gave me, and I will never be able to repay either for your kindness or your tolerance of my often exasperating and unfair rants. I am embarrassed with hindsight that I was so exhausted that my mouth ran away with me … Message to Self : Next time you’re in that bad a state, please take a bus to the MOON and don’t come back …..

To the amazing Grenadians I met, with your lovingly dignified, gracious and forgiving way, I can only say that you are wonderful. You put up with me as I floundered around trying to find myself again. Words fail me.

To Just Grenada, Blue Horizons and Petite Anse, a huge healing process has, without question, begun … And you have all helped me reach this point. I am so very very grateful.


  1. Hi Gooch,

    Thanks for your lovely comments.

    I believe it is an Asian Water Lily, but I didn’t make a point ot ask during my stay. I had the pleasure of walking past an old metal rum container (I think it was) every day on my way to reception at Blue Horizons Garden Resort in which rooted and flowering were these stunning flowers.

    They impacted on my holiday hugely – I remember years ago when I studied Buddhism for a while learning that the Lotus Sutra teaches “The finest lotus flower has its roots in the most stagnant, noxious water” …. it felt like a mirror being held up to me of where I had come from (a very stinky mess), and the potential I had to flower again … That’s why I posted it in the blog.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for sharing your review with us and for all the other comments you left on the blog. I am delighted that Grenada impacted you in such a positive way. Do come back soon. By the way care to tell about the flower? What kind/type is it, and where was it taken? Nice pic.

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