Unwind Bar @ BBC Beach, the Secret is Out.

I knew I struck gold when I discovered Unwind Bar at BBC Beach. It was sheer coincidence that I happen to be at the right place at the right time. But that’s another story.

My guess is that you have never heard about Unwind Bar. Even my friend, a frequent Grenada visitor whose favorite beach is BBC Beach knew nothing about it.

You know what? Right this second I’m having second thoughts telling you about Unwind Bar… maybe I should just keep it a secret. Okay, okay that was my selfish streak imposing itself again… let’s just ignore it.

Yes, as I was saying, Unwind Bar at BBC Beach, also known as Morne Rouge Beach was a golden find…

3 things I really like about Unwind Bar

  1. First, it’s on BBC Beach. Unarguably one of Grenada’s best beaches.

  2. Second, the owners Rocky and his lovely wife are utterly fantastic folks (and good cooks). Their gracious hospitality shines through.

  3. Third, the place is just Nice. Real Nice. And different. The name Unwind was a brilliant choice, because as soon as you arrive that’s exactly what you want to do,… leave your worries at the door, have a drink, chill out and unwind.

That’s how I felt on my first visit to Unwind Bar. I was hung over from a party at Club Karma the night before. When I got to Unwind I just sprawled off on a beach chair, under the coconut and tamarind trees; closed my eyes; and listened to the waves. Oh yeah, I also ordered a drink (gotta fight fire with fire… 🙂 ) … okay just kidding, the only drink I had was Rocky’s formula for hangover –Angostura Bitters and Club Soda. And It Worked!!

Two Drawbacks

  1. Unwind Bar is not open every day of the week. They open on most weekends, some holidays, and on days when they are catering for tour groups. So please call (437-407-0906) before you go, that way you can also make arrangements for lunch (try the Grilled Mahi Mahi with rice or the Pork Barbecue).

  2. Taking size into consideration the volume of people that visit BBC beach each day is less than Grand Anse beach (Maybe that explains why Unwind Bar is not open everyday).

    The reason is simply because Grand Anse beach runs alongside the main road, and is therefore easily accessible to those without a car. To get to BBC Beach without a car, it’s at least 25 minutes walk (both ways), with a hill to consider.

    I translate all that to mean more space, and less disturbances on BBC Beach, which for me is a plus. So to some this is a deterrent, to others like me it’s a big plus.

Getting to Unwind Bar at BBC Beach

From Grand Anse Round About (Wall Street):
Follow the street that leads to Spiceland Mal, KFC, Coyaba, Spice Island Resort, etc. Go all the way to the end, turn left (passing at the police station). At the stop sign make a right turn onto the Morne Rouge road. Continue along this road passing the (Mount Cinnamon and Flamboyant hotels). Arriving at the intersection at the top of hill, turn left and then make a right at the 3rd driveway down towards the beach (Morne Rouge Bay commonly called BBC beach).

Already on BBC Beach:
There is only one public access to the beach which located at the extreme right end of Unwind Bar. Once at the beach walk towards the opposite end. Unwind Bar is located exactly center of the beach.

Check them out…

I went back to Unwind bar on two other occasions before I left Grenada. And I intend to make it a regular spot on future Grenada Vacations. Next time you are in Grenada give them a call (473-407-0906), and go have some good Grenadian food and drinks, in a lovely atmosphere, on one of Grenada’s best beaches


  1. We were introduced to Rocky’s Unwind Bar last winter by our Grenadian host Lucille. The beach was excellent, the bar and drinks just awesome. Great rum punch. Best we’ve had! We soon found that Rocky’s is being discovered…we arrived for lunch and some limin’ to find several buses from the cruise ship had arrived with thristy tourists. Good for Rocky, bad for us. No lunch because Rocky was overhelmed with drink orders all morning into the afternoon. We took a nice seat in the corner and relaxed…soon enough, the buses left, Rocky relaxed, and we enjoyed a few drinks in a beautiful little bar on the beach…as close to heaven as possible.

    Please check it out, but be sure to leave a couple seats for us.
    See you soon at the Unwind Bar.
    R & C

  2. you can always ask Bernard who does the sun beds , otherwise where the Rhum runner moors up on the beach ,Rockys is at the back where the fence line is theirs a small gateway, have been their now 3yrs running love the rum punch and the chillout music rocky has playing i once went in about 12 midday and came out about 4.30 just chillin also food is great and fresh

  3. yeah, but where the h? is it????? Is Bernard involved? Or the Kalinago? is it even on Morne Rouge? LOL

  4. Ok, now do you know we’ve been to BBC twice now, and only spent time either in our condo (M RuM), or at the Gem bar???? Is this part of Gem?

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