Window To My Soul

by Tasha Ashton
(Brookyln N.Y U.S.A)

I am a Grenadian. I’veĀ  been living in New York City for the past 15yrs, I had the pleasure to visit after staying away for such a long time.

When people say that you don’t realize you have a good thing until you lose it, well that saying was so true on my part. While I was residing in Grenada for 15yrs I never realized the beauty that it possessed.

  • The spectacular atmosphere
  • Astonishing beaches
  • Magnificent people
  • And most of all that secure and burden less feeling that consume your mind body and soul.

One thing that I mostly admired about Grenadians is the taking time to smell the roses, the friendliness of the people gives a sense of belong. I love the balance that goes with the every day process.

I loved going to the beach at night, the sound of the waves massages my soul, the beautiful sunset embraces my body as a silk blanket and the moon dances on the sand creating a magical silhouette.

Grenada is indeed a paradise. Whenever I feel like the world is bearing down on me, I close my eyes while I am transcended to this calm and beautiful Isle Of GRENADA.

People would think that I am being bias because I was born there, but the verdict of countless visitors put the icing on the cake.

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