Why Grenada Sailing

Is Grenada Sailing, The Best Caribbean Sailing?… You Decide.

grenada sailing boat docking at true blue bay horizon yacht charters

What on earth does cricket have to do with Grenada Sailing? Not a darn thing. Except it was at a World Cup Cricket match that I had the good fortune of running into Jacqui.

I know, I know you can say it … who the hell is Jacqui, and what does she have to do with Grenada Sailing?

Great question. As you are about to find out Jacqui knows the subject of Grenada Sailing inside out. And lucky for you she does because other than tagging along on my friends sail boat couple times back in high school, I honestly won’t have a clue where to begin.

Back to that cricket match: We were both already pass a few drinks when we met, so conversation flowed as freely as rum leaving the bottle. In the end I decided it would be much more fun and interesting if Jacqui gave you the low-down on Grenada Sailing.

So from here on out here is why Jacqui thinks Grenada Sailing is among the best the Carri bean has to offer:

Why Sail Grenada?

Grenada and the sister islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique are a sailors dream of paradise, white sandy beaches, safe anchorages and friendly seafaring people. The sailing area is the southern Windward Islands (St Vincent and the Grenadines through to Grenada) and with constant trade winds blowing there is ample opportunity for ideal conditions.

grenada sailing boat docking at true blue bay horizon yacht charters

The lush tropical mountains with abundant waterfalls create a dramatic back drop to the anchorage around the Grenada. Known as the Spice Island, Grenada has so much to offer to the sailors who visit that they often come back year after year.

The south coast is the most popular Grenada Sailing area with splendid anchorages that include True Blue Bay, Prickly Bay, Mount Hartman and Hog Island. Further eastward St. David’s Harbour with the haul out facility is very popular with cruising folk these days.

Grenada Sailing Gateway

As the gateway to the Grenadines the Point Salines international airport is modern and efficient. With daily flights to Puerto Rico for the USA and London’s Gatwick and weekly connections to Frankfurt, Germany the airport serves a fast growing clientele of adventurous travelers. Regular flights to Carriacou and Union Island enable you to get into the heart of the Grenadines very easily.

Friendly Atmosphere

The friendly nature of the Grenadian people is well known. Wherever you go ashore you can expect to make friends very quickly. Take the time to chat with the people that you meet, find out about the history of the islands, everyone knows everyone and if there is something you are particularly interested in, just mention this and listen to the story unfold.

grenada sailing boat docking at true blue bay horizon yacht charters

Attractions and Activities – Dive, Snorkel, Hike

The waters team with life, dolphins, whales and huge fish play beneath your boat, pull on your snorkel gear and drop over the side to see an array of wonderful aquatic life. The rocks off the west coast of Carriacou, the Sisters offer amazing diving opportunities. With a strong current the best drift dives in the region.

And for those who love to explore inland there is so much to see. The Grand Etang National Park offers great hiking trails with the Seven Sisters Waterfall within easy walking distance. For the more adventurous an amazing hike from Grand Etang over Mount Qua Qua down to the Concord Falls is most satisfying, but make sure you have the right walking gear as it is very steep!

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  1. Does anyone know of a decent hotel on Grenada where my sailing friends and I can spend just two nights (in January) at a reasonable price? Most of the place I’ve looked at require a week.

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