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Grenada Travel by Air

Grenada Travel is simple enough in part because Grenada has an International Airport. Also Grenada less than 45 minutes flying from the two larger islands of Barbados and Trinidad which have even greater volume of International Flights.

From USA to Grenada

My Grenada travel plans normally invlove my taking American Airlines to San Juan Puerto Rico, and then connecting to Grenada. On my return do the opposite. I especially love the day time flight from Grenada back to San Juan … on a gorgeous day, views of the islands from above are breathtaking.

My sister on her trip home last June did not want to deal with connecting flights (maybe because she hadmy two nephews), … so they flew into New York, spent the night there, and then took a direct flight on Air Jamaica to Grenada. Air Jamaica offers this flight daily from NY JFK to Grenada.

Air Jamaica also offer a flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Grenada daily so if you are on the West Coast you can look into that option.

BWIA offers daily flights from New York, Miami, and Dullus (Wash DC area) to Trinidad with connecting service on to Grenada (about 30 minutes flying time).

From Europe to Grenada

Your best option for Grenada travel from Europe, will be to go through London. British Airways, Virgin and Golden Caribbean – Excel all have weekly direct flights from London’s Gatwick Airport to Grenada.

And BWIA has daily direct flights from Heathrow Airport to Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad, with same day connections via LIAT and Caribbean Star into Grenada.

From Canada to Grenada

Air Canada operates flights out of Toronto, and Montreal, to Barbados, and Trinidad respectively, with connections into Grenada via LIAT and Caribbean Star.

Air Canada sometimes offer seasonal (winter for example) direct flights to Grenada so check with your travel agent for more info. BWIA also has schedule flights originating from Toronto and Montreal

All other regions to Grenada

LIAT and Caribbean Star airlines do a go job keeping the islands connected. So my advice will be to focus on getting the easiest (or cheapest) flight from your location to one of the islands (Trinidad and Barbados are great options), and let LIAT/Caribbean Star handle the final short leg.

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