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Why is Grenada

The Spice of the Caribbean Islands?

Grenada is known as the Spice of the Caribbean Islands. You think of Spice and what comes to mind?… That’s right: Zest, Flavor, Variety, and oh does Grenada deliver on this promise, not just figuratively but literally (more on that later).

I’ve visited many islands, and I have close friends on every island (expect the non English speaking). They all will tell you that their island is the best. And you know what? They are all correct. So am not going to go down that road… it’s a dead end. When you visit our Caribbean islands, you can judge for yourself. After all, the best is in the eye of the beholder.

So with that out of the way let’s find out how Grenada adds that Zest and Flavor to the Caribbean islands and your vacation. But first a word of caution:

Do NOT come to Grenada if …

  • You are looking for the typical Miami beach scene with hundreds of holiday tourists, no privacy, no space, and lots of noise. If that’s what you had in mind am so sorry, but you will have to find another island or better yet maybe go to Miami beach

  • You expect to find the beach front littered with High Rise Hotels and developments that obstruct your views, and reminds you of your downtown office building.

  • You live a Fast Food Nation kinda life. You will be largely out of luck … expect authentic Caribbean Island cooking

  • You must have casinos. So sorry no dices rolling here, you might have better luck in Las Vegas (maybe not)

Here’s your Spice …

  • Sun, Sand, Surf – no surprises here. It’s a must for each Caribbean island vacation and Grenada’s Beaches come in every shape, size and sand color… talk about variety
  • Safety – nothing matters if you do not feel safe. It’s an absolute must. Compared to many Caribbean islands Grenada gets an A++ on the subject of crime. In fact the Tourism Authorities on the island feel so strongly about this fact that Grenada is promoted as one of the safest destinations you can visit, and they do everything to keep it that way.
  • Smiles – what is it in a smile that makes us feel so much joy? The hotel can be fabulous, the beaches can be all you wished for, but when you are surrounded by rude, impolite and unwelcoming people, it drains that joy right of you … Luckily you won’t find that here. From the time you arrive until you are about board your plane (boat or ship) you will be surrounded by warm smiling faces. You will feel at home, because Grenadians will go out of their way to may you feel that way.

Speaking about Spice …

I can bet you did not know Grenada has more spices (nutmeg, cinnamon cloves, etc) per square mile than any other place on earth. These Spices find there way in many gourmet and specialty products; and quality cosmetics-probably some that you are already using.

So when you think about it maybe Grenada has been spicing up your life all along but you just did not know. Here’s how you can literally add some Grenada Spices to your life.

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  1. I have been using your spices in all my cooking and I have to say that my food has so much flavor then before, I want to order more spices

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