Flowers Of Grenada

Flowers of Grenada

If you said Grenada is just one big flower garden, no one will argue with you. The flowers of Grenada are always in bloom no matter the season. Legend has it that anywhere you drop seeds on this island they will grow and blossom.

There are many easily accessible gardens and nurseries in Greanda. Getting to a few of them will fit nicely into your tour of the island.
I can remember attending a few flower shows put on by the Horticultural Society Of Grenada … that’s a great place to see a wide cross section of the flowers of Grenada.

But that was some time ago, and am not sure how often they put on these shows, especially considering the beating many of the Gardens took from Hurricane Ivan.

If you are planning on taking a more in depth look at the flowers of Grenada, you can contact the Horticultural Societyfor more info. Below are a couple gardens to kick start your list. I will be visiting them both on my December 2005, trip.

Sunnyside Garden

Only have time for one? Then make it Sunnyside. This garden is located in St. George’s and was featured on the UK’s channel 4 TV network in “Gardens of the Caribbean”.

Sunnyside is a classical colonial garden, with views of two colonial forts, the Carribean Sea, and Atlantic Ocean.
The nice thing about Sunnyside is that you won’t only find the flowers of Grenada here but there are also attractions like

  • Koi Ponds and Japanese Gardens
  • Mahogany trees, Palm Trees, and all Grenada’s tasty tropical fruits
  • Red Foot turtles
  • Fish Ponds

Sunnyside offer tours of the garden by appointment.

Bay Garden

There is so much to see at Bay Gardens. A favorite is the giant Heliconias. The property is over 8 acres and comprise of the house, the garden and the forest. The garden has over 5000 varieties of flowers and plant life.

Located only 15 minutes drive from the town of St. George, Bay Gardens is probably the most convenient for many visitors in the town area.
They offer guided tours, or you can simply explore on your own.

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