Grenada A Vacation To Die For

by Derrick Huggins
(Nevis, West Indies)

Friends And A Cold Carib In Grenada: The Perfect Vacation

Friends And A Cold Carib In Grenada: The Perfect Vacation

I had the pleasure of traveling to Grenada, for the first time, in July of 2008. My fiancee is from Grenada and I wanted, not only to go on a little vacation, but mainly, to meet her family.

I was truly amazed to see how warm and welcoming Grenadians were on a whole. In most territories, a stranger in town is, well, treated like a stranger, but in Grenada, it’s quite the reverse.

I had heard so much about the Fish Fry at Gouyave (I tuned in to Wee Fm everyday. Sorry, but I had to get a head start on my bearings), and when I finally got there, it was everything that I had expected to be. Once again, in this beautiful, street-fair setting, Grenadian hospitality took center stage. Everyone there was so kind and welcoming: from the ladies on the corner, selling little portraits of a woman dressed in Grenadian clothes, to the guy on the other side, who was preparing what seemed to be an oriental dish. Isn’t that something? (Smile)

The Island is beautiful, nature preserved in it’s purest form. I enjoyed driving from Grenville to St. Georges, via the rain forest (after I got accustomed to the narrow and winding roads, of course). This was too funny: when returning to Grenville from St. Georges, I would always get lost on that road that lead to the Annandale Waterfalls. That junction could be a little tricky, I’m sure most of you would agree. Especially if you have a tour-guide fiancee that goes to sleep and tells you that the way home is simply to stay on the straight road. Wow, some experience that was: we spent more time getting back on track, than actually going home.

Hello! Do I need to mention Club Karma? This club is a state of the art facility that no other in the world can look down upon. I really enjoyed the show that included Ajamu, Tall Pree and the great Doctor Sparrow. I certainly cannot leave out the Heat Wave band,as they were the ones that held everything together with their sugary notes. I also met Jon, I believe he manages the place. For a guy who runs such a top notch facility, he is so down to earth.

I was only able to spend a little over a week in Grenada, and there is just so little you could do in a week. That’s why I’m already planning my return trip to Grenada. If all goes well, I’ll be taking advantage of your hospitality, once again, from December 22nd.

See You Soon:

Derrick Huggins
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  1. Hey Derrick,
    What can I say? John and the boys plus cold Carib Beers that sums it all up: you had a blast!
    I cant wait to hold another Carib beer in my hand … counting down the days to my December Vacation… will look for you in Karma (Great Night Club)
    Glad you had a chance to visit Gouyave and Fish Fry, it’s one of my favorite places and event.

    Thanks for sharing your photo and Grenada vacation with us.

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