Grenada Car Rentals

Grenada car rentals are the best option for getting around. That’s of course if you want to discover those secluded beaches, and other magical spots, off the beaten path … after all we won’t expect public transportation to be frequenting secluded spots, else they won’t be secluded anymore.

But if you just want to hang around your hotel’s pool, lounge on the beach, sip those tropical cocktails or enjoy your favorite novel (which is perfectly fine) …then you don’t need a car rental in Grenada … there are lots of other ways to get around.

On my visit I had the good fortune to have many friends who had not seen me in years, competing to take me around, so I did not need a car rental … but I may not be as fortunate next time around so I intend to get a rental on my next trip.

Things to keep in mind

I did not rent a car, so I won’t recommend any specific car rental company… but I do want to give you a heads up on what to expect …

  • First things first you will need a Grenada drivers licenses … which will be issued by the car rental company for about US$15.00, upon proof of your home drivers licenses … so don’t leave home without it.
  • There can be a minimum age requirement (normally 25) so verify this with your travel agent or the attendant at the car rental. It is also a good idea to have insurance coverage … you are in different country, and the driving conditions are different, so let’s be on the safe side
  • A 4×4 is what you want if you really want to explore. You can get one for about $US50.00 per day … and it is discounted if it’s a weekly rental.
  • You cannot get lost here … the island is too small, and in the event you made a couple wrong turns there will always be someone willing and able to give you directions … so make it an adventure and explore away
  • make sure to ask for a map from the rental company (most of them will provide you with one). And Keep in mind that outside of the major towns, road signs are few.
  • Oh and don’t forget we drive on the left side of the road, and most vehicles will be right hand drive

So there you have it, go ahead and rent that 4X4, it’s a no brainer … or maybe it isn’t.
If you still have doubts about driving in Grenada (that’s natural)… maybe these driving tips will ease your mind.

Car rental companies Info

Here is the contact information for some of the car rental companies in Grenada … again I have not yet used any of them, or researched their service, so this is not an endorsement. As I learn more anout these companies I will post the information here.

  • Sunsation Tours 1-473-444-1594
  • Dabs Car Rental 1-473-444-4116
  • Davids Car Rental 1-473-444-3399
  • Hestel Rentals 1-473-407-4692
  • Y&R Rentals 1-473-444-4448
  • Jeep & Mini Mokes 1-473-444-1398

Happy driving. You are now free to roam about the island …

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