Grenada is NOT Granada

Okay, let’s settle this source of confusion once and for all:

****************** Grenada is NOT Granada. Got it? Hope you did. ******************

Here are 4 differences between Grenada and Granada:

1st Difference… The Location

  • Grenada is a island nation located in the Caribbean. To learn more about that check out “Where is Grenada on the Map
  • Granada on the other hand is a city in Spain. Yes Spain, as in Europe, all the way on the other side of the Atlantic.  See here.

2nd Difference…The Sound

They are pronounced totally different:

  • Grenada is pronounced as ‘Gree-nay-da’
  • While Granada has a Spanish pronunciation as ‘Gra-nah-da’

3rd Difference… The Sea

  • Grenada is surrounded by the Caribbean sea
  • But, Granada is land locked and one hour from the Alboran Sea.

4th Difference …The Size

  • Grenada (including it’s sister islands) is about 132 square miles
  • Whereas, Granada is only 32 square miles.

However, as of 2005 results

  • Grenada’s population is only 110,000
  • While Granada’s population is 240,000.

Many More Differences but One Big Thing in Common

For all their differences, one thing is indisputable:

Both Grenada and Granada are very attractive tourist destinations. Neither will disappoint.

You can learn more about Granada here. And if you are curious about Grenada take a look around Grenada Beaches

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