Grenada National Parks

Grenada National Parks…Hike Ho! Hike Ho! Off To Hike We Go…

If you are planning to get a little mud on you boots while in Grenada then the Grenada Nationa Parks is the place to do it.

grenada national park hiking grand etang

Photography: Muddy Shoes by rightee.

Granda Etang National Park & Forest Reserve

My fascination with Grand Etang started as a young boy. Back when Grenada’s airport was to in North East we passed through Grand Etang going to and coming from Pearls Airport.

I grew up on the coast, so it always intrigued me that only about 20 minutes from the beach front can be so different– misty and cold (by island standards). So cold that my friends and I argued over whether or not apple trees will thrive in Grand Etang (we loved apples).

On our return from the airport I always tried to convince everyone for us to visit Grand Etang Lake. The lake was once an active volcano. It now serves as one of the main water sources for the island. It is surrounded by an abundance of green as far as the eye can see.

Around the lake are many hiking trails… some easy, some a little more challenging. I once followed a trail to the top of Mt. St. Catherine, the highest point on the island. Use Grand Etang area as a good starting point for some of your hikes.

Monkey See Monkey Do …
You don’t have to be lucky to run across a Monkey or Two at Grand Etang… the Mona Monkey is fun to watch. It was introduced to Grenada from Africa. If you run into one you will understand what the phrase Monkeying Around means. These guys have no qualms about stealing your belongings if left unattended… so be on the look out for them.

Waterfalls …

Grenada has many waterfalls, some more accessible than others. The first one I ever visited was Annandale waterfalls on a school excursion, and it is probably the most popular because of its accessibility of all Grenada waterfalls. No hiking required here. If you are lucky you might get to see the local guys perform some dare devil diving… it’s quite entertaining.

The lower Concord Waterfalls is also easily accessible… if you are headed up the west coast to the town of Gouyave, or Bathway beach do check it out. Here are some other waterfalls to check out, some will require a little treking and dirty boots but well worth it:

  • Seven Sister Waterfalls
  • Concord Waterfalls ( Au Coin and Fontainbleu)
  • Mt. Carmel Falls (Marquis Falls)

The waterfalls are not high, and monstrous as those you may have seen elsewhere … that makes them very safe for swimming, and many visitors and locals alike take advantage of this.

Levera Here I come …

You won’t believe how many times I’ve said that, … but the truth is that up until recently I’d never quite made it Levera. I always got trapped at Bathway Beachafter a few Rum and Coke, Levera though quite close became a distant memory.

But determined as I was I finally made it to Leverajust had to leave the rum and coke for after. Levera is a fabulous destination, with a sandy white coast line with views of nearby islands including Carriacou on a clear day. It’s a sanctuary for lobsters, turtles hatching, and other marine life. You can also enjoy the lagoon and its many species of birds.

Snorkeling is excellent, but the currents in the north can be significant, so unless you are an expert, you should pass on this one. Always seek the advice of locals about any beaches in the north of the island, before you venture out on your own.

Getting to these sites …

If you have a Car Rental then all you need is a Grenada Map and you are good to go. What the map leaves out the locals will gladly fill in for you.

If you are not feeling that adventurous then you can go with one of the Grenada Tour companies like Sunshine Tours. We used them for an island and was very pleased.

Good Luck and happy exploring!!!

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