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grenada cricket world cup grenada national stadium

Are you planning to attend a major event at the Grenada National Stadium shortly? Well you are in for a pleasant experience. Or maybe you are contemplating where to host your next major sporting, cultural or entertainment event. Well look no further than the Grenada National Stadium.

The Grenada National Stadium is a brand new State of the art modern facility with everything you need to both absorb and produce a remarkable experience. The stadium was host to ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. And among all the facilities built throughout the entire Caribbean to host the World Cup Cricket, Grenada National Stadium was the visitors choice. It got rave reviews from well traveled cricket commentators, and cricket fans from all over the world.

Go here to see photos of Australians, Sri Lankans, Irish, English, Americans, Grenadians, Indians, New Zealanders, Pakistanis, South Africans, and who knows who else all having fun in the Grenada National Stadium. Imagine you or your patrons having a similar experience.

grenada cricket world cup grenada national stadium

The Grenada National Stadium is located in Queens Park, which by the way is my hometown.

  • It’s a 20 minute drive from the Point Salines International Airport.
  • It’s a 15 Minute drive from the famed Grand Anse beach and tourist hub.
  • It’s only a 5 minute walk from Grenada’s capital city St. George.
  • It lies along the main bus routes leading up the western coast through Gouyave, and also into the interior rain forest area to the town of Grenville.
  • You can access it from five different routes, so no congestion problems

All this means is that you will find the Grenada National Stadium extremely accessible, and you will be right in the center of activity. grenada cricket world cup grenada national stadium

If you are looking for accommodations in the Queen’s Park, River Road area and surroundings, there are bed and breakfast, and homestays available. These were a highlight with hundreds of visitors that came to Grenada for the Cricket World Cup. If you want something more upscale look to Grand Anse area, remember its only a 20 minute drive, but expect to pay much more.

For more information on accommadation in Queens Park area shoot me a note here and I will help you sort it out. And take a look at our accommodations page for the more established hotels and resorts here.

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