Quick Q&A on Grenada Weather – The 5 Things You Must Know

From time to time I get verify specific questions about Grenada’s Weather. These questions come mainly from folks worried about their vacation getting ruined by too much rain.

Here are 5 questions I’m frequently asked about the weather in Grenada, and the answers I typically provide.

1. Which months have the best temperatures?

Where daylight temperatures are concerned, from day to day, there are not major fluctuations in temperature as in Europe or North America.

Grenada is a tropical island, and most visitors travel here for the warm sunny weather, which you get year round.

I like the months of December, January, February, they mark the the transition from Rainy into Dry season.

2. Which months get the most rain?

The rainy season runs from June to December. November on average get’s the most rainfall and is therefore the wettest month.

3. How Cold does it get at nights?

Most Grenadians will tell you that around the Christmas season in December it is coldest. But that’s by Grenadians standards. Truth is it really does not get cold per se, just… not as warm.

On average, at nights temperatures fall into the high sixties (°F) – low seventies (°F). December, January, and February will be have the least warm nights. February nightly temperatures can fall to on average low to mid sixties (°F).

4. How hot does it really get, and which month is normally hottest?

Again don’t get too preoccupied on temperature, the variations of temperature across months are not that significant to severely impact your vacation.

July is on average the warmest month, followed by June and August.

What might concern you more is that the driest month is March.

5. How should I dress?

You’re in the islands mon, so dress like an island bwoy or gyal. Shorts (watch the mosquitos), sandals, flip flops, tank tops, linen pants and shirts.

Wear the things that will keep you cool, breezy and comfortable. But if you are going out to a nice restaurant don’t be afraid to put on your Sunday best.

Note: Grenada has strict laws about public attire. Please respect them and you will be respected. No nudity on beaches and no swimwear outside of the beach area.

The thing with the weather is that it is totally unpredictable. That said, if you go to the Grenada Weather page you will find more in depth tips and tools to help you understand what to expect from the weather in Grenada.

Good luck and and I would be interested in your answers to the five questions above.

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