Help! The Grinch Stole Grenada’s Christmas

I got to tell ya I’ve been in Grenada since December 12th and the usual Christmas vibes are not flowing.

Is it because I got to Grenada earlier this year?  On Friday, driving from the airport in Point Salines through Grand Anse, the Carenage, and downtown felt like a week night, NOT the beginning of the weekend. The volume of people about was smaller, as was the Christmas decorations, lights etc.

True, there are two Fantastic Christmas lights display along the Grand Anse main road that will definitely make you stop and take notice… and a few of the businesses are lit up, but that’s about it. I went to town (St. George’s) on Monday and Wednesday and there wasn’t the usual busyness for this time of year.

What about Night Life?

Let’s just say there isn’t an abundance of it in Grenada, but that there is enough for a decent showing. Mondays and Tuesdays are terrible nights if you are looking for some action (limited options), but I thought, because Christmas is less than 10 days away that Tuesday Night will be an exception.


Tuesday night I headed south to look for a little good times and could not find anything worth shouting about. There was one exception: Di Vino, it’s an Italian Wine Bar at Le Marquis Shopping Plaza in Grand Anse. Seems like it’s emerging to be a little hot spot. On two different nights I passed by Di Vino and there was a small gathering in and around. I’ll check them out and tell you more.

So has the Grinch Stolen my Grenadian Christmas? Time will tell. For now I’ll blame the lack of commerce and cheer on my early arrival… maybe what I am seeing is the clam before the storm. Come Friday night into weekend and all of next week the money will start flowing and the good times will be rolling, just like it used to be (I HOPE!!)

Is it just me or anyone else finds the Christmas Season off to a slow start?

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