My Moosie, My Favorite other Grenada Travel Guide

I recently found a real Grenada gem that I want to share with you. I’m excited because it’s a first for me and for Grenada Beaches. I’ve never before recommended another Grenada Travel Site, but I would be doing any Grenada lover or would-be visitor a huge injustice if I did not let you know about the MyMoosie Travel Site

The site covers other Caribbean Islands, but the two reports that you want to look at are

The Webmaster and her spouse are intensely passionate about Grenada, and this shines through in the site. Grenada is a tiny island but there are many things to do, and places you go. In addition everyone’s tastes and preferences are different. That being the case it is impossible for me to cover it all on Grenada Beaches.

At MyMossie you will find trip reports with lots of reviews, and other topics not yet covered on Grenada Beaches. I think MyMooise will enrich your Grenada Vacation, and I hope you enjoy it.

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