Morne Rouge Beach Pictures

Here are some pictures of Morne Rouge Beach, one of Grenada’s most popular beaches.

BBC beach as it’s locally called also happens to be one of my favorite Grenada Beaches, and after you see these pictures of Morne Rouge you will understand why i love this beach so much.

You can learn more about Grenada’s Morne Rouge Beach Here!!


  1. Yep – I walked twice a day around the top of BBC during my recent stay at Blue Horizons as I went to LaLuna for the daily sanity restoring process of a Yoga Practice.

    It was utterly stupendous – never made it down there with my flippers and snorkel, but have promised myself I will when I’m back in June …

  2. I love this beach, this was my “homeplace” stayed there 3 out of 4 times i went to Grenada. It was our little paradise.

    Donna Chateau Gomez

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