Cabier Beach The Grenada Beach You Dont Know About

by Lakisha
(Nashville, TN USA)

This fabulous, secluded, Grenada beach is located close to the St. David’s/St. Andrew’s boundary, in Cafe, St. Andrew’s. It’s off the beaten path as the say, and a vehicle can get you only so far. The rest of the journey is on foot, or bicycle. But it’s well worth it.

It is a beautiful, breathtaking beach, with the clear blue waters and white sands that are so characteristic of Grenada’s beaches.

What gives this beach a different “feel” from all other Grenada Beaches? Is it because its partial isolation accentuates the local flavors, scents, and sights of Grenada even more? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that I always feel different at Cabier Beach… in a very good way of course.

You can relax on its white sand, or enjoy the services of the resort and restaurants that are strategically within walking distance of the beach. In addition, you can take in the Grenadian juices, and delicacies from the local vendors.

It is a perfect venue for a family or friends outing. It’s also a perfect venue for strolling lovers, and honeymooners, especially at evening.

Lush green vegetation, tropical shrubs and trees, as well as scenic views, makes Cabier by far, one of the best beaches in Grenada and the Caribbean.

I love it, love it, love it, and I can’t wait to return there every time I visit Grenada.


  1. It’s actually spelled “Cabier” but yeah, I live in Crochu and that’s the one my family and I frequent when we want to go to the beach. It’s beautiful and secluded and definitely special to me for sentimental reasons.

  2. Hi Lakisha,
    Great post, and you got me curious. How could a gem like this escape me?

    I’ve never heard the name Cabiere Beach, do you know if it goes
    by a more local name? Can’t believe a Grenada Beach of this caliber is so little know. Not even Google was helpful. Well we will have to change that.

    It sounds really inviting and I will check it out on my next run (my list is piling up).

    And of course you can count on me to bring back lots of pics for everyone ;-).

    Has anyone else heard of this beach?

  3. Go to Crochu gap and just past there you can get to this beach. Sadly there is now a great big sign on the right. Previously you could not even get there by road – it was a good 20 minutes walk. There is a lovely guest house down there – been there for years – a great escape.

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