De Big Fish Restaurant

Best Grilled Swordfish Ever

Yes, De Big Fish Restaurant in True Blue was a last minute decision. It was almost closing time on a weekday when we got there, and there were only two other tables occupied. I had just hooked up with my old high school buddies, and we had a lot of catching up to do.

De Big Fish Restaurant Grenada true blue grenada restaurants

When you walk into De Big Fish Restaurant look for De Big Fish hanging on the wall above the bar … a signature touch.

This is one Grenada Restaurant and Bar that literally sits on the water … but no worries about getting washed away by a big wave because De Big Fish sits on the clam waters of True blue Bay.

The setting is casual, and relaxing. The perfect place to catch up with friends, and knock back a few local Carib beers, or your favorite beverage.

How about that Swordfish?

When it was time to order I had the Swordfish, and it was out of this world. One of the best meals I had my entire vacation (please don’t tell Mom). Every time I had sword fish before it was always slightly overdone, and left bits and pieces stuck between my teeth. Not so here, De Big Fish Restaurant’s Swordfish just melted away in my mouth. You gotta try it.

My friends were also all pleased with their orders, but I can’t say I that remembered what they ordered … I was totally preoccupied with my swordfish.

Where’s De Big Fish?

I told you … just look above the bar and you will find it. Oh you meant: How to get to De Big Fish Restaurant? Thats easy, it’s in True Blue. If you are coming from Grand Anse or Lance Aux Pines or any place north of True Blue:

  • just head towards the airport direction,
  • pass the Grenada Breweries (Carib Beer Factory) on your right and make a left into True Blue.
  • Continue for less than a minute and De Big Fish Restaurant is on your left next to the Marina and Coast Guard station.

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  1. Hello, I went to the big fish the last saturday, very nice restaurant. I ate wings chicken, I like it, the barmaids very nice. In more, Cecil BARTHOLOMEW, the great guitar musician, was here. A dream, you must to see him and listen to him. It’s wonderfull
    TOP OF TOP; Very nice evening, I didn’t forget it.
    go to BIG FISH, on the airport road, on the left, very nice evening.
    sorry, I’m french, may be my english is not very well.

  2. Hi.
    I went there for dinner with my husband. It was so disappointed….
    Melting the Grilled sword fish? Oh, overdone one i had..
    I think it’s not the fresh one,just forzen one with some black pepper…
    I convinced my hubby to go this place for dinner since i saw your blog yesterday…
    Sorry to say it, but it was terrible place…. Full of granny who smoke..

    1. Hi Teresa,
      So sorry to hear of your bad experience, but thank you very much for sharing your comments. I wrote that review several years ago and have not been back since. I don’t know i the place has gotten better or bad. Hopefully your feedback will help others decide whether they should go or not.

  3. No wonder people cant find it! The main review on this page says the restaurant is in True Blue Bay, which is not true, blue. It is at the head of Prickly Bay. Unless my geography is up the pole…


  4. I’m going to leave a comment, because you come up on searches first for this restaurant and I looked high and low for the information before we went – but couldn’t find it (I actually wondered if it was closed there was so little OTHER info).

    We visited De Big Fish in late march and had an outstanding dinner. My boyfriend had the fish, I had the callalo lasagna, we both got salads, an appetizer, a couple drinks. VERY reasonable, comfortable dress, outside dining, great service.

    The best part? (And the info I tried so hard to find.) An extensive menu with options for everyone – an plenty of vegetarian foods. As in, almost everything on the menu (curries, fajitas, pastas, etc.) had a vegetarian option on the menu (and priced appropriately) in addition to various meat-eater options. One of the most veggie-friendly menus I’ve seen on vacation – heck, even in the states.

    I wish we’d tried it earlier, we’d definitely have been back.

    PS – your site was an outstanding (and enjoyable) resource for us as we were planning our first-ever trip to Grenada. Thanks!

    1. Hi Abby,
      I am happy this site helped you planned your vacation. It’s so great you enjoyed De Big Fish restaurant, I also had a great time when I visited but have not been back in a while. Thanks for the heads up on the veggie options, now I absolutely must visit them on my next trip… I had no idea their menu was now so elaborate. Over the years I got mixed reviews on De Big Fish from other guests, but I really hope yours is the start of a new trend.

      Kindest Regards

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