Melting Pot Restaurant

The Melting Pot Sports Bar and Grill

Good Grenadian Food in Grenville

French Creole Cuisine with a distinctive Grenadian Flavor is the tag line for the Melting Pot Sports Bar and Grill. Well I don’t know about the French Creole part, but the flavors surely were Grenadian.

This Grenadian Restaurant is in the town of Grenville. Grenville is Grenada’s second largest town, it’s in the North East of the island. Most likely you will make it up to Grenville if you are on an island tour.

Personally, I try to take at least one island tour on every trip I make to Grenada to see what’s changed. In Grenville I normally look forward to finding a good Roti, but this time I wanted a little more variety… that’s how I found The Melting Pot.

This Sports Bar and Grill is very similar to the Creole Shack in St. George’s, on the beautiful Carenage. It’s a cafeteria style operation where you choose the potions you want, and pay the cashier at the end of the line.

The Melting Pot’s Menu

There is a wide selection to choose from including:

melting pot sports bar and grill

  • Sword Fish, King Fish
  • Curried chicken, curry beef, curry goat
  • Brown Chicken/Beef Stew,
  • Steamed green bananas, plantains, sweet potatoes, yams
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Macaroni pie
  • Stewed pumpkin, callaloo & okra
  • Stewed pegion peas

This my plate above…. I had a healthy appetite that day.

Quick Service

What I like most is that there is hardly any wait. The line moves fast, and low items are quickly replenished from the kitchen. Compare this with the typical restaurant in Grenada where the wait can sometimes be longer than you anticipate. Think of the Grenville Restaurant as home cooked taste, at fast food pace.

Get a table in the bar area to the back, and you will get the ocean view that comes with it..

melting pot sports bar and grill


The decor is pretty ordinary, the restroom I used was of acceptable standard, and overall the restaurant was clean.

melting pot sports bar and grill

I won’t suggest that you go out of your way to eat at The Melting Pot Sports Bar and Grill, but if you happen to be in Grenville, and you’re in the mood for a home cooked Grenadian meal, then it’s a good option.

Ask for Andall Supermarket or The Box Shop (sign below) and you will find The Melting Pot above.

melting pot sports bar and grill

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