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Nutmeg Restaurant… What Martha Stewart Knows that We Don’t?

I bet you did not know that Martha Stewart was spotted at Grenada’s Nutmeg Restaurant. Heck, I am sure you did not even know that was in Grenada.

Well yes she was, and she even wrote about her visit in Grenada on her Up Close and Personal web log.

So I was curious, why of all the Grenada Restaurants did Martha Stewart choose to visit Nutmeg Restaurant?

I had no clue… but I had a plan to find out ( more on that later).

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing The Nutmeg, not at all. It’s still a good restaurant, it’s just that it’s no longer the most popular. It lost that status a long time ago. However, we still had drinks there on a recent visit, and enjoyed it.

Afternoon Drinks at Nutmeg Restaurant

We ran into my sister’s friend in St. George’s, and he suggested we join him at Nutmeg Restaurant for drinks. Yes! Drinks he said, and he’s buying… I like this guy already. We’re off!

We got a window seat, I suggest you ask one if it is available. Between the scenic view of the Carenage, and the passersby on the street below, it’s easy to be more captivated by what’s outside than inside.

This was one of the few times that I was not in the mood for a Carib Beer (I know, I know, that’s sacrilegious!! Right?). Instead I chose to go with a home grown cocktail that I made up on the spot.

You gotta try this if you get a chance.

Nutmeg serves this exotic fruit beverage made from the 5 fingers fruit (Carambola, Star Fruit) which by itself is great. But add a shot of Clarkes Court Lemon to this drink and …. Voila your taste buds come alive. The drink is out of this world I tell you. After my first, I started to rant about it so much that one of my Carib drinking buddies ordered one to see what all the hoopla was about. One taste and he too was raving.

We had a wonderful time. Such a great time that I forgot to ask our waiter about Martha Stewart’s visit to The Nutmeg Restaurant on her Grenada trip (so much for my plan). So my curiosity lives on.

  • Was it the food?
  • Was it the service?
  • Was it the view?
  • Was it the Reputation?
  • Or was it because Martha Stewart might have been running a theme on spices that week, and the name Nutmeg was somewhat symbolic in that sense.

Like I said I haven’t the faintest idea, because she never said why. But hey, if the Nutmeg Restaurant is good enough for a billionaire TV celebrity, then maybe it might be good enough for you, so check them out next time you are in St. George’s. And if you do click here and tell the rest of us what you liked about it.

Nutmeg Pictures

The scenery is definitely a big factor that the Nutmeg has going for it.

There’s our waiter with another one of my drinks – 5 fingers and Clarkes Court Lemon. See my friend finishing up his Carib Beer to try my drink thats in front of him.

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

Directly across from the Nutmeg is the main Port, and beyond that is the Grenada Yacht Services and Port Louis Victory Bar.

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

Another one of many views from the Nutmeg Restaurant. Looking south east towards Grand Anse, while a container ship leaves the port.

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

As usual my mom had a great time.

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

High School girls on their way home.

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

Royal Grenada Police Force officers headed back to police station

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

My sister and our gracious friend/host.

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

Fishing Vessels looking deeper inside the Carenage

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

The inner Harbor or Port

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

Where’s The Nutmeg Restaurant?

It’s in the town of St. George’s on the Carenage to be precise. Once you get into town just ask anyone… everybody knows where it is.

Alternatively you can take the scenic stroll around the Carenage which I highly recommend, and just look for this sign.

nutmeg restaurant grenada carenage

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  1. Now Nutmeg has re-opened under new management. Still fantastic menu selection and service. I’ve been a fan of nutmeg for years. I’m just hoping that food quality and freshness have not slipped … I regret to say that I have had a tender tummy since my visit yesterday. Please please please don’t let standards slip. Let’s protect and maintain the excellent reputation Grenada’s Nutmeg has had for a decades

  2. Unfortunately, while we were there, we found out that the Nutmeg had shut down sometime in June. Wish we could have seen the inside… the sign’s still there, though.

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